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Subject: Wright danced a jig?

Bart, you wrote:

> "Instead he danced a jig for the whore press jackals."
Yeah, I wrote that because it's the truth - I saw it myself.
If a Black man dances a jig, what should I write?
"Rev Wright danced the Samba?"


And with this sort of screed, you think we have all along 
treated (foul name for vagina - he means Hillary) unfairly.
Blacks dance jigs. Nice racist allusion, Bart.
 Richard Mann

Yes, one of us is a foul-mouthed racist pig who hates women.

If a Black man dances a jig, I can't write that true fact for others to read?
What if he wore a red tie - would I be a racist for saying he wore a red tie?

What if I said Wright had grey hair - would I be a racist for saying he had grey hair?

I'm supposed to spend the time searching a thesaurus 
for a different word for "jig" that means jig?

BTW, does screaming the C-word at Hillary give you an erection?
It must, because your kind does it so often - that's all you got.


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