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Subject: Rick Sanchez - DWI, Hit-and-Run criminal

Bart, forget the TASER VIDEO -- are you aware of this Rick Sanchez Moment In Time?

It happened on Dec. 10, 1990.  Mr. Sanchez, seriously drunk behind the wheel, with his dad 
as passenger, was leaving a Miami Dolphins game. He had barely left the stadium parking area 
before he hit a man who was running between cars, and who (unfortunately) was also drunk. 

Hopefully the man was able to purchase health insurance leads
before the accident, since Sanchez left the scene and unable to help.

Undoubtedly helped by invisible friends on the police force, Sanchez was not charged with 
causing the accident, but was later charged with (and pleaded no contest to) DUI.

But here's the cowardly part:  
Sanchez initially left the scene of the accident for 2 full hours. 

One local report said he first went home to get his license and fell asleep. (Yeah, right.)  

Anyway, by the time he meandered back to the scene and his dilly-dallying cop friends 
tested him for alcohol, it was at least four hours after the accident.  Even with all his friends 
helping him, Sanchez's blood still registered .15 -- way above the then-legal-limit of .10. 

Closing chapter for victim: The Miami Herald, Nov. 2, 1995

"Jeffrey Smuzinick, who was left paralyzed after being struck by the car of Channel 7 anchor 
Rick Sanchez, died Monday in a Pennsylvania nursing home. He was 36. Smuzinick was injured 
Dec. 10, 1990, after he ran out into traffic following a Dolphins football game. He was struck by 
A 1991 Volvo driven by Sanchez.   Smuzinick suffered severe head injuries and was in a coma 
for many months. He underwent rehabilitation in Florida ..."

So, this A1-Miami-Coward is allowed to smear Gen. Wesley Clark on international television?  

Down here, we don't forget where Mr. Sanchez came from.
-- Mary in South Florida

So, just like Pickles Bush, Sanchez killed a man with his car.

I didn't like the prick before I knew he was a coward and a killer.
Why wasn't he charged with manslaughter?

Granted, the report says Smuzinick "ran out into traffic," but maybe of Sanchez
wasn't stinking drunk behind the wheel he could've reacted in time.

I guess the connected have different laws than we do.

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