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Subject: Top Ten Reasons we Know 9-11 is a Lie

1. mini nukes used at wtc 1-2 & not much hit the  (& some cutter charges too !!! ) ground.
check out    
they had to send things out of usa 2 test um......about 100 % sure of this...prob same at OK City bombing too
controled demo-hide that building dust too....we can't test it..

2. high tech...."star wars" was also used .. google  dr judy woods 911...  look at the  wtc 3 , (after #2 fell-
building looks like  - LIGHT SABER -movie star wars ) - melted the top and front of building

3. wtc 2 hit by missle...........I can see it coming from NJ in the original live feeds...(ONCE U SEE IT- u-no planer-r)
missle may have been programed to split & put " the plane" look on building, or some of the pre-placed charges 
in wtc 2, & 1 did the plane look on side of the building for the SHOW...that what 911 was ......  a TRICK

4. Phy-Op it was...........the eye witness in "ripple effect" was liar.....u can find google vid--he now says he was inside 
& only heard BOOM..... he'd went with talking points for the SPOTLIGHT  eye witt on CNN & FOX. actors 
- talking points - paid 2 say---- watch 911 octopus ...even though ALEX  JONES won't TOUCH "no plane"
.....he has said "on air" he has seen docs  that military have 100 + techs in back rooms of both CNN & FOX from year 2000 on..

5. all the plane video (CNN- flash-pod) is crash physics...and they used google earth to make that shot
...trees & building missing-diff that real....

6. planes-people ( where did they go ) don't care, as there was not an airliner.....prob. all 4 places....

7 eye witness at pentagon..(all that said the saw a big plane)...all liars....paid by gov......say this or loose job
....or be like many...they whack u 

8. some of the military was killed after make sure they never told...(peggy carter friend GONE) he was a
 "star wars" tec..... he'd told Peggy to save this picture in case I go missing....yep! (picture of two guys in pha-teegs in 911 octopus)

9 inside job....."the media did it" ...that is MORE TRUE than most know.......KILL YOUR TELEVISION

10. the media is a lie    said....(what happened on 911) ..Fluoride good ! ....."no new JFK info" said "on air" by now
DEAD Peter Jennings (on 40th anniversary of JFK)...his spirit TOOK HIM..   he knew it was a lie....he started smoking again after 911......
media has spun JFK-BOBBY-M L King-John Lennon-shooting of Ronnie-(JFK jr....he was wacked too) 

WAR 60's- war 1991-war, now & always.....well, they spin it ALL...... Aspartame & Fluoride are both poison..
Google "poison" with fluoride or aspartame.... Flu shots & vaccines the media is helping KILL US.......

see ENDGAME   info:  THEY WANT YOU DEAD  ..  
WATCH THE TRAILER for the movie..  Kill your TV,

> start using you're BRAIN......... NOT the MEDIA implanted thoughts.. 
Jim Fetzer link for "september clues" and Dr Judy Woods info..   
"September Clues" is a in parts video posted on web-one of the best looks at the media was "in" on it... no plane? 
(seven parts last i looked 10 min each parts 1.2.3. will put you in on the idea in a hurry

check web for  Jeff Rence...   jeff's site has lots of chemicals in our food info.. msg & aspartame, ect

or David Icke

check out the law-suit...filled against all the military contractors...... dr judy woods web page

link to live feeds talk & info..

Ron Paul 08
love is the only truth......

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