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Subject: shut the fuck up

Maybe you're not seeing the same ads that we're seeing in the battleground states (Michigan).   
Most of the electoral maps I see show Oklahoma as already being written-off.  
Too many ignorant dumbasses in Oklahoma, I guess. 

You write that like you've just delivered a thunderbolt.
I've lived in Okieville since 1976, you don't think I know how backwards these people are ?
My first clue was that they re-elect Jim Inhofe year after Knuckledrag year.
Obama is definitely fighting back.  
Again, sorry they're not putting the ads on Youtube. 

I don't care if he puts them on Kim Kardashians giant ass.
I just want some more fight out of the guy. 

I'm tired of reading he's not fighting back.  

You're not as tired of reading about it as I am. 

He kicked Hillary's ass, though, didn't he?  
Guess she wasn't fighting hard enough.

You seem to not grasp the factors in the game. 

As someone pointed out months ago, the American whore media was Obama's BFF,
as long as he was painting the Clintons as closet racists. Once that threat was neutralized, 
America's whore media re-joined McCain's camp - and we are where we are.

Feel free to blame that on me.

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