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Subject: Assassination - fuck off, Bart

Oh, fuck off Bart.

Good to hear from you, too.

There are good reasons not to make assassination a part of your politics or foreign policy,
however satisfying it might be to be rid of a murdering fuckhead. Due process is an ideal
that should be applied everywhere to all persons.

I agree - in every practical case, that should be done.
But time and geography can prevent being practical.

Assassination besmirches that ideal and devolves our civilization to the level of ancient Rome.

Being murdered is no fun, either.

You can kill someone in self-defense, so long as you don't do it pre-emptively.

So, if an angry man is walking towards me pointing his gun at me,
I have to let him fire the first shot?
That tells me you're one of those crazy liberals who has no idea what "self defense" means.

It's been quite a while in your country since it was legal to issue "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters.
The fact that my argument won't convince you (and that no other argument is likely to, either)
is a sad commentary on why it is so hard to change attitudes -- especially teabagger-type attitudes.
 Johnny Rojo

IF you had a good argument and IF you knew how to persent it, maybe I'd agree with you.
Perhaps your goal is to show everyone how far to the Left you can get?

Those who have disagreed with me on this issue have failed to provide an alternative.

Your choices are taking the bastard out or allowing him to continue.
If you'd allow him to continue, you're too crazy to reason with.

And blow me for the teabagger crack.
Being wrong is no reason to throw your feces at those who disagree.

Obama and I are right.


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