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Subject: You lie about Ron Paul

Why do you keep lying about Ron Paul's views on health care?
"You know, it's so overly simplified to explain a full philosophy on how you care for people in 30 or 60 seconds," Paul on CNN Newsroom.
"I want the maximum medical care and the maximum prosperity for everybody,
and it doesn't come from the big government welfare and bankruptcies that we have now."
 "The freer the system, the better the health care. For somebody to turn around and say
there's one individual who didn't have this care, you know, all of a sudden you hate people
and you're going to let them die? I spent a lifetime in medicine. To turn that around like that is foolish."

Mark S

Mark, you have failed miserably in your attempt to prove that I'm lying.

Ron Paul's position on buying insurance is perfectly clear:
He wants people to have the freedom to fuck up.

Freedom is a good thing, but morons often misuse it.

What do YOU think will happen when a man with no insurance
shows up at the ER when Ron Paul is president?

He was very, very clear in that debate - when he wasn't stumbling and stuttering.


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