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Subject: Your Hillary stupidity

Bart, in your Monday update, you wrote:

> Is the artist saying Hillary forced Obama to put on this "condom suit?"
> No, because Obama willingly put it on - in 2006!


> If Obama didn't want that picture to get out
> he shouldn't have worn such a stupid outfit.
> Does he really need me to tell him that?

Guess what, Bart!

Obama was in Somalia, as part of a goodwill tour, to try to get solutions to the violence there. 
He was given that outfit, as a gift, so he wore it, as a gesture of goodwill to the hosts.

If they gave him a Kerry-style condom suit, he should wear that, too?
What if they gave him a pink mini-skirt and told him to stick pencils in his mouth like a walrus?
Doesn't he realize that the GOP will say he looks like a terrorist in that outfit?

Hillary's campaign, *AND* the right-wingers are having hissy fits about it.


The GOP is going to run pictures of that and say,
"How well does anybody really know this Hussein dude?"
Think that picture will seem reasonable to voters in the South?

It's no more of a "stupid outfit" than if a female journalist wears 
a head-scarf in a predominantly Muslim country.

Find every stupid voter in America and explain it to them.

Now either you retract your asinine remark about Obama, 
or just admit you are a "Hillary can do no wrong" asshole.

Ross, you'd need a gun at my head to get me to wear a stupid outfit like that.

You say there's no harm in dressing "like a terrorist" when seeking votes from idiots.
I say there is.

I think we'd both agree it ought not to be a factor, but then, neither is color or sex 
but how many non-white men have been elected to the presidency?

...and notice who called who an asshole?

For months, I've had to hold my tongue while friends attacked me for having
an opinion that was different from theirs and I'm kinda tired of fighting my friends.

Go thru the back issues - when did I attack Obama or his supporters?
I didn't, and I'm getting tired of turning the other cheek - that's not in my nature.

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