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Subject: Top O' the World, Ma

Yes, that's me. 

I have to be the biggest liberal ever to set foot in my American Legion post and I am now the only nominee
to be the new commander of the post for the next year. The elections are in 3 weeks and I'll be sworn in a 
few weeks after that. I had a big advantage over my fellow members in that I can read. 

It's going to be a giant pain in the ass but the other other person who would do the job is a right wing ex-marine 
who sits at the bar for about 28 hours a day and then crashes in his car to sleep until his next unemployment 
check comes. The entire staff threatened to quit if he was in charge. So now they all owe their entire livelihoods 
and I intend on collecting in free drinks forever.

I'm the decider now, motha-effa.

BTW....three of our members went down to DC 2 weekends ago to protect the Viet Nam Memorial from 
hippie scum like you. They claimed a group of protesters were going to deface the monument that weekend. 

They heard about this threat from one of the right-wing veteran motorcycle clubs. 
I told them they were insane. I said if you want to go down there for a rally, that's great, 
but no one is going to spraypaint that monument. I told them to go protect the White House. 

I told them that I travel in those circles and I never heard of such a thing. 
What does the Viet Nam wall have to do with Iraq? 

Of course they insisted that there is some underground network of liberals that is going to attack and they'd 
have to go through them to get to it. I can now report that no one spray painted the Viet Nam wall that weekend. 
Of course no one would have even if this gang of idiots weren't there. They sure looked spiffy in their camo outfits, tho.

 Your favorite Jersey rude person


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