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 Subject: my two cents - by Rude Rich

Once again I'll advise you not to talk about music. 
It's bad enough you think people should live in FUCKING OKLAHOMA 

The only people who SHOULD live in Oklahoma are the Israelis, but then,
they couldn't fight for their lives everyday if they lived here so what fun would that be?

...but now we find that you freak out  at the very sight of a pedal steel.   

What Chrissie did borders on false advertising.

I only wish I had bought that Fender 10 string steel back around 1975 for a hundred bucks 
when I had the chance.  I probably could have played something on it by now.

Of course, you didn't catch the guys name. It was probably the guy who played on Elvis Costello's fantastic country album know....whats his name. He was great. For all you know, she probably did songs from that album.

She said the dude was from Minnesota and he seemed quite capable on that steel guitar.
Gee, I wonder why she didn't hire a good jug player, too?

BTW...I wouldn't live in Sadaam's palace if you transported it to that Oklahoma place and let me live in it for free. 

Pipe said he'd rather live in a NY alley than a fine home in OK and *I* am not thinking clearly?
Stu the lawyer is paying $1.5M to visit the MOMA as often as he wants - and *I* am not thinking clearly?

Ya know....people have been traveling around this country for a very long time and not very many of them have said 
"Let's settle here. It looks cheap." when they got to Oklahoma. No....they all said "Someday people will call this fly-over 
country because there's NOTHING HERE!!!" and they moved on to L.A or NY or Florida, even Texas looked better. 
I'd rather sleep in car 40 miles from NY than a mansion in Oklahoma (and if the economy doesn't pick up I may be doing just that).

There you go again.
Perhaps I've painted a too-vivid picture of Oklahoma, but you can go on thinking the United States means three.

Here's one reason why. A few years ago we went to the Bottom Line ( a club in NYC) to see Vernon Reid with a little 
jazz thing he has on the side, when he's not  busy with Living Colour.  He's one of the planets best guitarists whom you've 
barely heard of  BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HIT OKLAHOMA ALL THAT MUCH. Anywho.....we walk to our seats
near the stage before the show and we see a pedal steel onstage. I'm like "Great, we're gonna hear a hot country band." 
10 minutes later Robert Randolph walks out and starts doing Hendrix and Allman Bros. stuff on the thing. Blew me the 
fuck away. I'm a fan forever. When he came out to jam with Reid later, it was pure heaven. Do a little youtube search. 
Be the first in your neighborhood to ever have heard of him. He plays gospel on Sundays in a church in Paterson, NJ 
with the same band. Seems that there is a tradition in poor black churches of using a pedal steel instead of the more 
expensive Hammond organ. Also do youtube search on that subject. If my parents church sounded like that, I'd still be going.

If Vernon Reid wants to play Jersey all his life - good for him.
Some musicians find a national tour is fun and profitable.

I only wish Chrissie had whipped out a little country when I saw them at Roseland a few years ago. 

That's crazy talk - so let me ask you a question:
Say you're in the mood for a shoot'em up Clint Eastwood movie, but after you pay

you find out it's not Dirty Harry but a Nathan Lane musical.  Do you tell yourself,
"Gee, I should broaden my horizons?" or do you ask for your money back?.

That's another little club in NYC. There are so many clubs in NYC, I'll bet I could pick up the paper right now 
and find a band I'd like to see. Any night of the week. How's that work in Tulsa? I also wish the Who would throw 
in a little pedal steel. They may already of your more knowledgable readers would know.

You are a strange person.
I have a feeling if I said, "I like the number seven," you'd find 100 things wrong with seven
and praise the number eight and explain what a backwards fool I was for liking seven.

Aside from Hank Williams and The Mick, what has Oklahoma given us, besides dust and a decent musical?

How about a web page you can't resist reading every day?
How about super-cheap tequila and fresh corn to die for?
How about Mrs Bart?

One other smell do you figure Jay Leno got fired when he's moving 
into the 10PM spot five nights a week? Do you even have a 10PM out there?

No, Okie clocks go from 9 straight to 11.
What do you call it when your employer says, "Starting March 2, don't come to work, anymore?"
NBC is in such trouble, they needed someone to plug their 10PM hole every night.

P.S. The nice voters of Pennsy voted Santorum OUT OUT OUT!!! How about Inhofe?

Congrats - that's your first valid point.

P.S.S Another thing that will never happen in Oklahoma? One of Bon Jovi's record company execs will never 
call your cab company to drive him to Philly and he won't be giving you his back stage laminate to bring home 
to your wife like he did to me tonight. Bon Jovi was playing a gig for his fan club in a club in his hometown 
of Sayreville, NJ. Does Clint Black live out there?

Bon Jovi takes cabs to neighboring states?
25 years in show business and he can't afford a car?
Must be those hyper-inflated real estate prices.

P.S.S.S. You might also want to youtube Junior Brown. He likes pedal steel so much 
he added one to his Telecaster. Check out "409" with the Beach Boys.

P.S.S.S.S.  You're such a douche.

Always great to hear from a fan.

BTW, I'm happy that you're happy paying $3,000 to rent a 200-year old room the size of a refrigerator.

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