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BartCop Interviews PigBoy

From 1995

One of Fatboy's newsletters, the cheap-ass repeats and rehashes 
he sells to his flock, had the following: 

My Conversation With Hillary Clinton 
  by Rush Limba. 

It was very cute. 
Rush went thru legitimate Hillary interviews and cut-and-pasted her answers 
onto questions the lying, nazi whore made up, knowing the answers in advance. 
It went like this: 

HRC: There is this undercurrent of discontent. 

Rush: Define "discontent." 

HRC: The sense that somehow economic growth and prosperity, 
          political democracy and freedom weren't enough. 

Rush: You mean the conclusion most of us arrive at when  we're 16 or 17 years old, 
          that there's more to life than money and politics? 

HRC: That we lack some core level meaning in our 
          individual lives and meaning collectively... 

Rush: Would you like a tissue? 

You get the idea. 
Typical cheap-shot, sucker-punch ambush from the Pigboy. 
He used verbatim HRC quotes, with footnotes. 

So, that's how the game is played, eh? 

I wonder how the Doctor of Dimentia would feel if I turned his "really cute idea" back at him? 
I do this only to make the point. 

Limba is a slimeball and a douchebag. 
I did not enjoy writing this. 

Bart interviews the vulgar Pigboy

The Editor of RL-LNW recently spoke with Mr. Limba. 
This is an actual verbatim transcript from that meeting. 

BC:    Thanks for agreeing to talk to me. You've got a lot of balls showing up
          for this interview, considering the beating you're about to take.

Rush: Yes, and I hardly ever give interviews.
         (Time magazine, 1/23/95)

BC:   You look a lot fatter in person.
         And I see you shaved the little square mustache.

Rush: Thank you, so much.
         (See, I Told You So -Acknowledgments)

BC:    When was the last time you had sex with Clarence Thomas or Bob Dornan?

Rush:  (Laughs)
         (Playboy Interview 12/93)

BC:    Seriously, have you commited sodomy with them?

Rush: Yes.
         (The Way Things Ought to Be, pg 315)

BC:    Let me guess. Clarence is your regular bitch,
          and you use Dornan's butt while court is in session?

Rush: Yes.
         (TWTOB, pg 315)

BC:    So it's true - you've had oral sex with Bob Dornan and Clarence Thomas?

Rush: Thank you, so much.
         (See, I Told You So -Acknowledgments)

BC:    I assume you've also had anal sex with them, and other men, too?

Rush: Yes.
          (TWTOB pg 315)

BC:    Let me guess: You pitch and Dornan catches.

Rush: Yes.
          (TWTOB pg 315)

BC:    But something tells me with Clarence, you do the catching, am I right?

Rush: Of course I do.
         (TWTOB pg 57)

BC:    Jesus, you're being so open about your gayness.  I heard back in college,
          you let so many men mount you, you have a goddamn stripe up your back.

Rush: There's not one stripe, not ONE!!
         (Radio show 6/12/95)

BC:    I've heard you've had sex with almost every one of the 73 GOP freshman.
          Can you confirm this?

Rush: That's not yet true, but it's inevitable.
         (Heritage Foundation Policy Review, Fall 94, pg 7)

BC:    So the mighty Rush Limba is gay.
          You regularly have sex with strange men, yet you fight against gay rights.
          Some people would call that "pulling a Clarence Thomas."
          Are they correct?

Rush: You could say that...
          (Speech to Republican freshmen, 1995)

BC:   Members of your staff told me you regularly send your limo to pick up
         minority male teens off street corners for rough S&M sex.
         How many strange young men have you tied up and raped?

Rush: More than 600.
         (See, I Told You So, pg 2.)

BC:    And you're not afraid of AIDS?

Rush: Let's talk about condoms.
        (Heritage Foundation Review, Fall 94, pg 8)

BC:   Let's get off this whole naked-Pigboy thing.
         My stomach is acting up.
         This is my interview, I'll pick the topics.
         Christ, you're a pushy rapist, you know that?

Rush: I hear that everywhere I go.
          (Radio show 5/24/95)

BC:    Is it true you were once a lazy-ass leech that sucked the government teat
          in the form of unemployment benefits?

Rush: I was without income once when I was married.
         My wife made me go file for unemployment.
         It was the most gut-wrenching thing I ever did.
         (Radio show 5/10/95)

BC:   Koresh, when you have a gut-wrencher, I'll bet it's a mother-effer.

Rush: Yes.
         (TWTOB page 315)

BC:   The mighty Rush Limba, begging big government for a free handout,
         claiming he can't make it without government help, not pulling the wagon,
         but riding in it with the welfare women and children.
         You weren't a producer, you were begging for government entitlements.
         You disgusting, hypocritical prick!

         How DARE you crusade against the poor and the sick when your
         fat, healthy ass was just too goddamn lazy to get up and go to work?
         Are you the King Shit of all America, Pigboy?
         How can you defend yourself, you pious asshole?

Rush: I had expenses I couldn't meet.
         My Mastercard bill was due.
         (Radio show, 5/10/95)

BC:    THAT makes it OK?
          You had bills?
          Everyone has bills, Pigboy, but you turned into a nasty-ass leech.
          You disgust me.
          I think you're a pig and a dog.
          Don't you owe millions of honest Americans an apology?

Rush: Yes.
         (TWTOB pg 315)

BC:    You've got to be the biggest shit-hypocrite of all time,
          taking $20,000,000 a year to scream at poor people who don't  have
          your talent of lying and twisting the truth in an entertaining way.
          You took and took and never gave back.
          And now you slur honest welfare recipients?
          You're shit, Limba, you know that?
          Pure shit!

Rush:  I had a cash-flow problem!!
          Grocery stores didn't take credit cards back then.
          For a couple of years, I ate at snack-food joints that took credit cards.
          I lived on junk food, potato chips and so forth...
         (Radio show 5/10/95)

BC:    I think I'm going to be sick.
         Try to ease up on the really gross stuff, OK?
         Do you have anything to confess that doesn't  involve junk food
         or non-consensual, bondage sex with tied up teenage boys?

Rush:  I wasn't able to afford the upkeep on my home.
          A friend had 2 sons who mowed my lawn,
          otherwise I would've had a yard full of weeds.
          (Radio show 5/10/95  )

BC:    Did you rape the young boys who mowed your lawn, too?

Rush:  Some things are better left untouched.
             (radio show 5/17/95)

BC:    You bastard.
          Too lazy to mow the lawn, and too lazy to rape the lawn boys?
          You're a dick, Pigboy, pure and simple.
          Let's get past this part of the interview, OK?
          Anything else about your lazy ass we should know?

Rush:  I never fixed the roof, or painted or anything.
          Eventually, I sold the house for a loss.
          It turned into a ramshackle old shack.
         (Radio show 5/10/95)

BC:    You sold your home at a loss?
          Big shocker there, Limba.
          Mr. "Free Market" lost money selling an ugly turd of a home?
          It's called "pride of ownership,"  but then,
          a whore like you doesn't have any pride, right?

Rush: Actually, that's true.
         (TWTOB pg 116)

BC:    My stomach is churning again.
          Your tales of kinky gay sex, laziness, stupidity and self-serving, 
          hypocritical conceit has me ready to puke as I stand here.
          Tell you what, just to be fair, how about a closing comment on that
          30-point gender gap that seems to be haunting Republicans.
          Is that deserved or is the GOP getting a bad rap?

Rush:  We're in bad shape in this country when you can't
           look at a couple of huge knockers and notice it.
           (TV show 2/2/94)

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