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Subject: let's argue about Rush and racism 

I read you frequently and you make me laugh.  
I have listened to Rush for years, and never really ever heard him use hate.  
He uses humor.   The funny thing is that you must listen to him too.  

We are hearing different things.
Rush is one of the most obscene motherfuckers I've ever known, yet he uses no curse words.

Do you remember him mocking Joycelyn Elders?
She called Eric Clapton "Eric Clapner," as tho a medical doctor has the time to keep up with
English guitar players and Rush thought that was hysterical. He played that recording 500 times
and all the time he was laughing so hard and everyone who heard him knew what he was saying..
He rode that pony for a month, maybe two, and his constant unspoken message was
"Those niggers are sooooo stupid - I can't believe Clinton appointed one."

Listening to Rush is the opposite of going to church.
Remember when you were a kid and you still bought their bullshit?
You'd come out of church feeling all charged up, wanting to be a better person. 

After you hear Rush, you think, "He's right - niggers, beaners and faggots aren't human."

I live in Rock Hill SC and I have to tell you that most of the hate and ignorance that I have heard 
and seen in my life comes from Democrats.  Look at what they did to Clarence Thomas, it's ok to 
call him stupid and other things, because he is a Conservative, if he was a Democrat, you couldn't 
have touched him with a golden ten foot pole.  

It's not the same.
Clarence Thomas IS an unqualified idiot and it's 50/50 if he has crazy sex problems.

Your side says "Obama is an evil Marxist who's can't be trusted to talk to children
and everybody knows he's  Muslim who is determined to destroy America."

Our side says "Bush, Thomas and Palin are complete morons" - and that's true.
It's not the same.

You have it right when you say that they are the ones killing The One, because 
they have the votes to pass whatever they want.  Maybe they are the ones who 
don't want a black man to get the credit for solving some of our problems.  

You could be right - we have racists in our party, too.
I can't explain why Democrats are always so eager to screw their president.
On your side, they ALL fall in line and they do what they're told.

And you cannot discount the anger that the Clintons must be feeling in the way that Obama 
has put Hillary out to pasture, he is the Secretary of State, she is more of an Ambassador.  

That's a nutty accusation, if you don't mind me saying so.
It's not like she's some hick governor with half a term under her feet.
Hillary has got the title, how is Bill the real Secretary of State?

If I didn't have to worry about where my next paycheck was coming from it might be more funny
to watch all of these jackasses do there political dances.   I have never drawn unemployment and 
can't see if I ever will.  One of the problems with being self employed.  Well thats all from me.
 ed in rock hill
 spiritus contra spiritum

You notice I didn't use the Monkey Mail graphic.  (That's a compliment)

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