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Subject: What's the big deal about Mark Rich?

I keep reading about how Bill Clinton's pardon of Mark Rich will come back to haunt proposed 
Attorney General Eric Holder, who didn't block the pardon (he didn't strongly support it, either). 
But what's the big deal about Mark Rich?  I looked into what he was pardoned for, and it was 
only civil offenses, not criminal.  What I found out was:

1.  He is accused of tax evasion, for not paying taxes on income earned by his company 
     whose headquarters were overseas (like Haliburton).
2.  There's reasonable question about his owing the taxes, since he probably was not a U.S. citizen at the time.
3.  His attorney, Scooter Libby (Cheney's bitch), claims Rich did not violate tax laws.
4.  He made his big bundle of money during the oil boycott, where he supplied the US with oil that it otherwise 
     couldn't have gotten, at prices below what we were paying directly to the oil producers.  He did, however, 
     sell the oil at double the amount he paid for it.
5.  He had a "special relationship" with Ayatollah Khomeini, enabling him to keep in touch with Iran during the hostage crisis.
6.  He is accused of trading with Iran during the hostage crisis.  While he seems to agree that he did so, remember that 
     his company was not a US company and may not, therefore, have been subject to the US law about trading with the enemy.
7.  Note that his company was not the only one to continue trading with Iran at that time -- I believe Haliburton 
     did some work with them, too, and it is clear that the Reagan team had some dealings with Iran during the hostage crisis.
8.  And what's so bad about dealing with the enemy?  Remember Prescott Bush and the Nazis?
9.  No one in the US was able to find something that they could indict Rich for (criminally).
10.  Support for his pardon came from such luminaries as the king of Spain and the prime minister of Israel 
     (not to mention leading Republicans).

So it seems that Mark Rich did less to harm the US than, say, Dick Cheney had done by that time, or Prescott Bush, 
and certainly much less than the group that GHWBush pardoned.  I ask again, so what's the big deal?

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