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Subject: Barts vote for Hilary is a vote for consolidation status quo 

Granted, I voted for her in the Okie primary, but in the general election,
I slap that "Democrat" switch and I leave.

Poor Bart, hes so old that he cant find a way to get sustainable. 

A little Cialis and I'm good to go!

He is going down with the ship, kicking and screaming.

You still don't get it?
Find me a gambler who thinks She's going to lose.

Hey Bart, do you remember anyone canning food in your youth?

Sure, but you change topics faster than Rush changes little boys.

Hey Bart, tell Hillary I dont want her fucking Walmart Chinese filth. 

We don't speak, but that doesn't matter because you're not making any sense.
Hillary doesn't own Wal-Mart and she can't alter their course until/unless she takes the oath.

You are the only blog supporting her, I know she reads your cheerleading rants.

Just like you "know" she owns Wal-Mart?

You are in such imperial denial.

One of us is crazy - that's a fact.

Go eat some more of that Genetically modified Oklahoma monsanto corn you fester!!!!
 Russell the Loon

ha ha

You jealous bastard!
Nobody gets better-tasting corn than us Okies.

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