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Subject: Toyota screws customers too 

Bart, you said, 

> I've found that most American companies are willing to break the law  
> to screw their customers out of an extra nickel and Toyota isn't like that.

BS!  In 1990 I bought a Toyota pickup truck.  It would suddenly stop running under some acceleration conditions.  
I took it in to the dealer and they said it was the fuel filter...then the fuel pump.  They claimed they replaced the fuel pump 
six times...and, in spite of the fact that it was under warranty, made me pay for the fuel pump four of the six times.  
The dealer gave me a loaner car each time, then refused to pay the rental agency -- making me responsible for 
$45/day for a car I could have rented for less than $20/day (remember, this was 1990; double these costs for 2010 dollars).

I called the Toyota Customer Care line and was told, "In cases like this we stand behind our dealers."  They didn't care 
that I had been forced to pay for something that was covered by warranty.  Then I sued the dealer, and he pulled a cool trick 
you can only do if you're a corporation.  He declared bankruptcy, eliminating all the debts, then bought the dealership at the 
asset sale.  So for a little bit of effort, he got rid of all his debts (including the couple grand he owed me) and went back 
to business as usual.  But Toyota "stands behind its dealers" when they do this.

To top it off, when a friend of mine who worked in Toyota Customer Care brought up the problem, they fired him.  
They don't only screw their customers, they screw their employees.

I have to say, though, that I did more to hurt them than they did to hurt me.  I was a professional speaker at that point.  
Guess what I talked about?  Judging by both family and audience response, over the years 1992-2000, I got about 
200 people to buy Honda or Nissan instead of Toyota.  Still, I would have rather just had my car fixed right and under warranty.

Russ, I doubt your dealer filed bankruptcy to prevent you from suing him.
Sounds like the dealer had a whole lot of problems. 

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