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Subject: American arrogance

Bart why do you refuse to shed light on non-partisan American Imperialism?

Why do you refuse to start out nice?
Are you trying to alienate people or win them over?

For example, Columbian USA backed right wing  militaries execute, evict food farmers 
for palm oil bio diesel to feed our USA agriculture?

I had nothing to do with that.

Iraq oil split - 25 to them 75 to us.
Bolivian LNG gas reserve, 10 to Bolivia, 90 to the white rich elite of Santa Cruz. 
Bart go ahead deny that we have nothing to do with that?

Just because I have the coolest tequila treehouse on the web,
that doesn't mean I know everything about everything.
You're a specialist in this field whereas I have 300 fields and none of them are very deep.

BTW, I doubt Iraq is getting 1/4.

Our manipulation of foreign policy for our cheap labor, energy, and manufacturing resources. 
How unsustainable we are Bart is the greatest in human history, I want to hear you say it Bart. I really do.

I ain't saying nothing until you put a twenty on the dresser.
You act like I defend Bush's six-year crime spree - have you ever read this page before?

Why have Americans thought they be the spreaders of democracy when they do not bring with them 
the labor laws and civil liberties globally that come with the deal?

This arrogance makes me sick. 
This high horse of ego minded assholes in America. 
Bart are you an asshole? 

Maybe, but I'm not a Bush asshole.
You have me confused with someone else.
It's possible there's nobody on the internet who has been on the Republicans longer than me 
with as much fire and vitriol as me, so why are you attacking the guy who stands with you?

I sure am in other ways, like the one whose ready to drop the gloves. 
Lets play an ice hockey tournament; Repugs vs Dems, Progressives vs liberals, Evangelicals vs Islam. 


If you ask me, the next asshole politician that accepts their own evil history and accepts our own responsibility 
for installing Jihad and letting Jihad grow in the first place gets the Presidency. That recognition is a path to peace, 
an apology to the middle east for pissing them off with corruption time and time again would bring a new road of reconciliation. 

And so let me hear Bart say it?  It would be a great place to start. 

A Clinton victory next year would send a signal to the world that the Bush-terror era is over,
and that we are going back to being a peaceful, decent, non-invasive country again. How's that?

Americans are completely acting like assholes, you know that right?

Russell Berns

Bush screws up and you want me to apologize?
I could've been a lot tougher on you, but I know you have passion.
You need to be reminded who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.
I suggest you stop using "asshole" every third word and help the Democrats win.

Note: I've talked to Russell on the phone.
He's deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep into this ecology thing
and he knows 1,000 times more about everything ecology-wise than I do,
but diplomacy?  Not so much....
If YOU are deep into the ecology thing, check his page.

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