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Subject: I'm having a bad day

Hey you Oklahoma festering barbarian at the gate! What are you  screaming wake up for? 
You think Obama can get cities to build soil by  creating compost from your shit?

You think you going to change out your toilets so you can stop  shitting in the water system?

You and the American festering Ego can not see the solutions. You are  going to hit a wall Bart. 
You better have some peas and sweet potatoes  and tomatoes in your garden.

America is so unsustainable, you're never going to make it if you  don't start implementing 
appropriate technology. And that is not  happening when you wait for the consolidation 
corporation America to  initiate appropriate technology that will empower small local 
integrated systems. The word culture in permaculture is about the  "Yogurt cultures" those 
fractal elements that heal and regenerate the  earth. You just take take take and pay for it 
with currency when the  earths currency is disregarded. 

You  deserve the wall you are about to  collide with. 
You really disappoint my BArt.

Why you can not acknowledge the energy cargo culture that you live in,  is a mriage, 
and  it is beyond my comprehension in  how much of a  monkey you are. I am perplexed 
by your informed outlet, and you still  flake on the new frontier. Permaculture.

Americans think they are so civilized, but really there is nothing  civil about you.

You are my rejection, you are my frustration. Bart wake up!!!!! 

Russell went to the You Can Catch More Flies with Vinegar School of Diplomacy.

If I'm not mistaken, he interned under this man: 


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