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SSubject:  Circus

Bart, you keep saying the Dems dont care, but they are protecting the establishment.
This is as dirty as anyone could imagine. Obama and the Chicago gangsters are implicit in the circus. 

My god man, look at Permaculture, and innovations in green energy. We have so much great potential
being squandered . I just got back from Burningman and it was truly an enlightening time for me.  I was able
to find my inner divine spirit and wash away my cynicism. Well we will see. But right now I am feeling very
connected to the spirits. The LSD was pure as can be and I am still feeling the residuals of that.

There were many enlightened Permaculturist at BM, and yet the majority of civilians at BM were all blind
by their egos to find me. I am lost out at sea even at Burningman. What does that tell you about how difficult
this transition is going to be? If the evolved humanity doesnt even see me, then what does that say about you?

A casino gambler finding value to the connections, and innovations the bio dynamic community has created
with the green energy community? Set up that demonstration and you evolve. We are in a great oneness.
The wealth is being transfered to the eastern cultures and we are loosing our democracy. From Google and
their desire to spread creativity for free, as if we would all create for the good of humanity without any
consideration to the authors.

This is the true agenda of Google. They are pirates. Beware, they have betrayed us.

When will your ego stop lying to you?
When will you be able to see common sense again?

How about a week from Monday?

What could Obama possible do to try and revalue the currencies of the world towards a natural capital currency?
Will that even be a reality in my life time? I feel if its not then extinction is upon us. How can you still even have
expectations of infinite growth? Where are you in perception? Why does humanity track life with perception.?

Because they have lost all elements to track with the natural world. If the wilderness was everywhere,
if bio diversity was everywhere, You would have so many elements to track that you would be able to
communicate with less ego and less perception, less assumption. People would be with less competition.

War would end. Its so simple, and the design architects of the natural world have set up a course for you
to reconnect and get busy regenerating souls. I put the leading Permaculture instructor on my website.
Not one order. Not one. Wow.

This is a very interesting journey, Bart.

Russell, you're the only guy I know
who gets more sane after eating LSD.

Glad you had a good trip.


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