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Let's save our planet 
 Eco-talk by Russell Berns

What needs to happen right now for the future survival?

Every scientist or Greenbuilding council member I have interviewed said energy consumption is an international 
state of emergency, in fact proceeding global warming. If China reaches our standard of living, humanity will need 
6 more planets to sustain ourselves. China is going in the right direction, they are seeking alternative energy, 
I know of Venture Capitalist scouring the globe for renewable energy designs and China is going to build the 
largest navy ever, a blue navy using hydrogen. What do we need to do? How do we go about doing  it? 
These are the questions I have answered, and this is what the scientist want you to draft yourselves into, if you can.

First about the Alternative Energy industry; there is a technology from Heliovolt, its a CIGS solar film a sandwich 
of thin layers of copper, indium and gallium selenide and the cost to start a processing plant is only 40 million, 
The current silicon made photovoltiacs or PV solar panels are expensive and for no good reason, the past decade 
and more has brought an industry of price control keeping silicon expensive. The start up for another Silicon plant? 
500 million. So you see, CIGS solar film may not seem profitable to the solar industry if they continue to set price 
controls by regulating the amount of silicon that can be manufactured. Friends like that who needs enemies. 

So, in America where everyone eats meals that took 1500 miles to get to your plate, America is in for a rough ride, 
as of now. But not to fear, I am full of optimism, When you listen to the energy design dreams from top scientists who 
want to create energy farms and green the desert using solar to make hydrogen and then interface with a CO2 emission
from say , a coal power plant. You use less coal , trap the emissions and create a bio diesel that produces 250 times
more bio diesel than Soybeans in the form of Algae or Urea fuels. Or just take the hydrogen and use industrial fuel cell
generators for power stations. 

There are new water technologies that are so efficient, solar desalination, sea water greenhouses that distill sea water 
right from the greenhouse itself.  If you live near geo thermal then your really in luck, the Swedish inventions are 
remarkable as are their inventions turning energy into waste. I personally love the invention out of Israel,  its a mobile 
trash energy compactor, Israel also has great water technologies and solar thermal, they turn solar heat at 1000 degrees 
into energy, or the wind farms are great too. Bottom line, the knights of the round table in my documentary will show us 
the confidence. 

We can prepare for this transition but we have to prepare for the changes using permaculture-design science soil 
restoration methods or soil management to survive. One of the founding fathers of international certification for organics 
has just developed (using mushrooms) a way to clean commercial agriculture from  its toxic history in just 3 months now.  

We can survive  if we start greening the desert. According to Mayans and now me from experience, information is coming 
in very fast. The visions for solutions and the technology are in acceleration. In 1995 the Mayans came out of the woods 
and said the industrial era is over, its time for us to speak. Since CNN has not given me the voice of the Mayans, maybe 
I could speak for them.

I still dream that we can do something miraculous to sustain a civilization that grew from a timeline in which huge populations
came about, through a concept of cheap energy. And when I mean cheap, I mean it was easy to transport and break into energy.
Or as the industry calls it EROI-energy return on investment. Fact, no matter what Industry and Government try to do, they 
can not possibly match the era of fossil fuel energy consumption. So, humanity needs a cultural expedition. People need to 
discover the energy design dreams from the leaders of men I have captured. They are connecting and networking the future 
technologies, permaculture inventions and new solutions that will empower villages and create sexy sustainability for people 
seeking to lessen carbon foot prints. The fact is, the market will not create the drive we need to make this work.  
We need a mission as great as the landing on the moon. 

I can tell you that there are foundations starting which are bringing these green communities into reality.  Solar Hydrogen energy 
co op communities are the new status designs for the wealthy. They buy Islands and create off the grid sustainability.  I can't even 
get the secret locations for shooting. Most of these entities are private. As they should be. But Im here to tell you that I have 
figures that say 20 thousand per family at 4000 families will get you a complete energy farm and you can be a part of the new 
energy market. Living using the ocean for your entire operations. Restoring the earth creating new origins of species, for 
permaculture is  species care. So many visions of things to make, like the Zoo I have in mind. To much to tell. 

Government and Industry are not in the business of creating local energy farms and independent communities.  They say, 
"You should not concern yourself with these matters let us do the work", through ideas like nuclear power into hydrogen, 
this is the worst EROI on the market and as of now Oak Ridge National Laboratory is spending 800 million a year in 
Research and development to try and bring these results into a better EROI figure and into your home. Are you really 
going to sit idle while Raytheon promotes microwaving shale in Colorado? I say, " This is Our TIME!", our time to sneak 
into the energy industry and create a profit while greening the desert. How long will it take to rise up the American pioneer, 
create your own empowerment?

So how to get started, take a look at the permaculture certification locations I have posted.  Lincoln City Oregon and the 
Willemette Valley network is my favorite choice for the potential  to learn these tools to help build these settlements. 
Lincoln City council are  promoting the area,  they want to be a model for the future green sustainable cities of America. 
The Mayor personally told me she wants as many Americans to move to Lincoln City to begin this adventure of permaculture.  
So I suggest moving to the area and look for the education. Families will be recruiting permaculture designers so they can 
have a guide to assist them in living in there new self sustainable investment, a spa, a solar ice hockey rink, my dream.

I cant wait to show my film. But in the mean time you can get busy!!!!!!!!!  
Choose a family member to represent you and he will be ready to guide you into the new world designs.
THis is an emergency message.

Russell Berns

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