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Subject: I release you from your guilt.  

bart what is it like to know someone who saw Collaspe and all its elements in the ensemble,  all coming for years since 2001?
The Oil Apacolypse, are you in denial that it is all cleaned up?

You mean the Gulf?
No, the Gulf is screwed for my lifetime.

The economic meltdown , is it in your face yet?

Yeah, many people have had to cancel their $5 subscriptions.
You wouldn't think things could get so bad in modern America,
but the Democrats sat there and allowed Bush to burn the world to the ground.

Perhaps not. Please let me know when it is. When I can see you falling in your denial.

Falling in my denial?
Is that how they speak in the country you're from?

I want you to broadcast it fo rme. You will be a star in the die off.  Its a hit in the making.
And I am developing a technology that will allow you to broadcast clearly your die off.
Oklahoma die off. Wow. I see it as a pattern. I remember the Oklahoma dust bowl. Do you? 
Nature has pattern in everything Bart. You can not escape pattern. its fractal, we are from mushrooms.
Prehistoric mushrooms we are from. Are brains, lungs, they are mushrooms.

I'm guessing you ate too many mushrooms.

So it was me, I told you , I was the one that informed you, you would have been completely in the dark with out me.
I just was wondering what it is like on the other side?

I was wondering the same thing.
How many moon does your world have?

you are part of the masses looking for Hillary to build your village.
Now look at what is happening, all the assholes are voting for their assholes.


Because they never had the proper bridge to walk across once the petroleum energy descent hit us.

Well, we are going to kill the oceans for sure before we ever get off this insane ride
of mega buildings, mega cities, mega churches, and big festering mega Bart farts.

I'm so old, I remember back when you were sanre.

I understand your denial to a certain extent. Until the undeniable truth comes to power.
You are seeing this truth, yet you wait for something? What is it you are waiting for Bart?

I dunno...
Death's inevitable cold grip?

What solution of innovation design do you wish to draw for humanity.
For 7 billion without the petroleum pesticides or the petroleum cargo culture, or the petroleum soil, food, and water.

When will you see the the holocaust that I so clearly see?

Probably when I overdose on mushrooms like you have.

Its so in my fucking face. I see it. Why cant you?

I only see what's real.
Your demons are making you see ghosts.

Maybe you do and for that you react by caving in and shelling
your disgusting expectations into a hermit. Havent posted in a while.

Glacier National Park doesn't get the Inner Tubes.
And in what language does "shelling my disgusting expectations into a hermit"
make any sense?
Are you seeing a therapist?

Are you a hermit now Bart?
I want you to feel that for a while until I release you from your guilt.

see ya.

PS, goto Burningman and go to Entheon village. Now.

Dude, is the crazy act good for business?
The Ecosutra folks are OK with your clown-on-mushrooms persona?

If you're fighting to save the planet, wouldn't sane sell better?

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