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Subject: Russert

Bart, everybody is just gushing over what an admirable guy Tim Russert was.
I'm making sure they know @ every possible moment about what a sellout he was to the Bush Evil Empire.

 Robert in Seattle.

Subject: Russert

I feel like I am going insane. 
I was just over at Crooks And Liars checking out the message board concerning the death 
of Tim Russert.   Everybody is fawning over this guy and using words such as "integrity" and 
"respect" and "true journalist". 

Now, I am not happy that he is dead. I do not wish that on anyone. However, this guy helped 
to usher in the worst Fascists this country has ever seen. He was Dick Cheney's mouth piece 
(according to Cheney himself). Why the hell are people fawning on this guy? He was as partisan as
you can be and in the pocket of the extremists of the Bush crime family/
What is your take?

Jim d'tucson

P.S. we are still huge fans of ol' Bart  in this household. We check your sight many times a day 
looking for updates and rereading the good stuff.   I've been sitting out the primaries. 
Getting sick to death of them. Keep up the good work. Always entertaining and informative.

There's a difference between making a mistake and turning whore 
for MORE millions when you already have $30-50M in the bank.

Be sad at his passing, but let's not forget the facts.
Russert choose the money over the truth.

He spent a decade unfairly attacking Democrats while serving 
as a cabana boy for the Bush Family Evil Empire.

If NBC wants to show how fair and honest he was, let them run his interviews with 
Bush & Cheney after the war went bad. Watch how Russert accepted every bullshit 
non-answer from those bloody war criminals and then went right on to the next question 
as tho the topic had been put to bed by the brilliant response of the Bush bastards.

Then go back ten years and watch Russert bang his fist on the table and demand that 
Robert Reich or Rahm Emanual give him the truth about which of Monica's breasts 
Clinton licked first - and he'd repeat that question again and again and again - as tho 
some White House staffer was in the room with them, watching. 

THAT'S How he got the reputation as a "bulldog," 
because when it came to Clintons zipper, "We had a right to know."

But 4100 dead soliders? 
ANY answer was good enough for Russert then.

Subject: Russert

You may be tempted to just let Tim's death just slide by, but I would remind you of what
Hunter S Thompson wrote on the death of Nixon: a long screed laying out just how venal
and nasty the man was and concluded with

"He has poisoned our water forever.  Nixon will be remembered as a classic case of
a smart man shitting in his own nest.  But he also shit in our nests,and that was the crime
that history will burn on his memory like a brand.  By disgracing and degrading the
Presidency of the United States, by fleeing the White House like a diseased cur,
Richard Nixon broke the heart of the American Dream."

Death did Russert a massive favor.  He's off the stage now and the MSM will 
circle the wagons and canonize him and propose him for sainthood.

Unless--what's that you say, Bart?

Nobody feels good that Russert is dead, but can we retain some perspective?
I feel bad that his family is having to go thru this, but every family does.

He wasn't a saint - he took millions of dollars to mislead America.

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