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 Subject: Russert the myth

If you are watching MSNBC or NBC, you must be thinking this is the passing of St Timothy.

I haven't heard this many outright, horseshit lies since Reagan died.

Tim Russert is getting all this credit for being the greatest journalist of our time.
The story line goes that he not only reported the news, he actually shaped the news and newsmakers.
Only he could ask the toughest questions. Well, I'm sorry but this is a myth.

If he was such a great journalist always probing to get to the truth, what did he do to stop the
run-up to the war in Iraq? The answer is that he did nothing to stop the greatest fiasco by our nation.
This is a war based on lie after lie. Russert got to interview all the architects of this war post 9/11,
but only helped perpetuate the lies.    He interviewed Bush several times, Condi, Cheney, Douglas Feith,
Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, George Tenet, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and many others.

Yeah, he interviewed all of these architects of the war, but he never probed deep enough to expose the lies.

He admitted under oath that he traded fluffy spin for access to those bloody murderers.
What's it called when a multi-millionaire sells out for extra millions and thousands of soldiers died 
because you helped to sell a fake and bloody war lie?

On the other hand Russert was real tough on Richard Clarke, who was very critical of the Bush
Administration with respect to following the activities of al-Qaeda prior to 9/11. In that interview,
Russert constantly attacked Clarke and defended Bush's negligence regarding the war on terror.
Russert showed a patter of  enabling the liars in the run-up to this disastrous war.

Joe, a shot of Chinaco for you for speaking the plain truth.

So go ahead and grieve the death of Tim Russert, but he was not a great journalist.
If he was he would have stopped the big lie about Iraq having WMDs.

No, Russert was simply a pawn in the neocon game to scare the American electorate
and pave the way for war profiteers.
 Joe Bloomfield

There are people who believe that facts change when someone dies.
When Bush dies, America's whore journalists will claim us Bush was a great president.

The facts are the facts and dying doesn't change that.
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