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Subject: thoughts on the Russian war from a Russian

As I write this, Russian President already ordered a halt to military actions.

Georgia gambled. Stupidly, mind you, but gambled.  
They did a surprise shock and awe, and killed a bunch of peacekeepers and innocent civilians 
(mind you, I don't think even the Taliban or Saddam Hussein attacked peacekeepers).  

And they thought either 1) Russia won't react, and give up South Ossetia, 
or 2) Russia will react, but the western world will come to Georgia's aide.  
Both thoughts were stupid, and any logical politician, could've told them neither is going to happen. 

This article has some great points.

One thing to keep in mind, always...the current government of Georgia was put in place 
by the Bush administration, and the military is trained/financed by US.  

That alone, should make us wonder as to the reasons behind this little war.

Alex, thanks for that.
I had no idea those Bush bastards were involved.

I guess they've created another situation where everybody needs to buy
weapons from the BFEE to prevail in the next Bush-bastards-instigated wars

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