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Subject: somebody has to step back

Bart, you wrote:

> "I say we bench our first round draft pick
>  and let our all star have her final shot."

That's the best analogy I've seen so far. 

That's why I get the big bucks.

I just don't see how you Dem's down there can lose this year with these turnout numbers,
no matter how hard some try. 

We don't know how much of that surge is pro-Obama or anti-Bush,
but I'd sure like to have Obama's army with us when we go into battle.

They are so over the top that I'm starting to buy into the whole 'VRWC/Old Boys Network 
talking Romney into sitting out the next 4 years and gearing for 2012 because they know it's 
over already' theory.

One of the main points that jumps out at me from Obama supporters is the "this is a ONCE IN 
A LIFETIME candidate!".  I agree, he most likely is, but unless you have inside knowledge that
you will be T-Boned by a semi between November 5th, 2008 and November 5th, 2016 then, huh? 
It is most likely all or nothing for Hillary this round, Obama couldn't be further from that situation.

True, he's a kid.
He could run in 20 years and still be younger than McCain.

You have at least the next 16 years of the White House locked up 
if Hillary gets the nod and Obama went VP.
 Ryan in BC

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