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Ryan's Dope
If Paul Ryan gets his way, we're all in trouble

Sir Bart:

A little tale about an experience I had with our amazing healthcare system, and what Paul Ryan has in store
if he were to get his way. About a year ago I had gone to visit a friend, or rather had met up with him at his
then girlfriend's house (it was her birthday). Sometime that evening, my bud was attempting to assemble one
of his girlfriend's gifts, with a pretty fair amount of difficulty. Trying to help out, I went out to my car to get
a tool which I thought might help. And then when I reentered the house, I slipped on a patch of wet tile in the
entryway and fell forward, landing on the backside of this friend who was hunched over on the entryway floor
trying to assemble this gift. If nothing else had happened, this wouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately,
that was not the case. As I fell forward and then rolled off, my left leg somehow became wedged while my
momentum continued to carry me forward. The result was I completely ripped out a tendon  connecting the
upper part of the leg to the knee. The pain was beyond indescribable.

The same friend later drove me to a large suburban medical center in the southern region of Chicago, where I
began a six hour ordeal in obtaining treatment, including a prolonged encounter with an er admissions clerk who
was far more interested in the status of my insurance than in getting me any treatment. Fortunately, I had fairly
decent insurance coverage through Blue Cross / Blue Shield, and did eventually get treatment at the same hospital.

There were others there that night who had decidedly less pleasant experiences. When you are in an emergency
room late on a Saturday night, there is not much else to do other than make small talk with others waiting for
treatment (fellow inmates?); there was, among others a gentleman about my age (late 30s - early 40s) waiting
with his mother, herself in her sixties, who was experiencing a fairly severe circulatory problem. They also had
no insurance. These two were in the middle of an ordeal which was going on for over 26 hours when I encountered them.

They had been shuffled between several hospitals, including a major county / state operated facility, until she
had finally been given a referral to the hospital where I encountered them, due to the fact that her condition was
requiring treatment that went beyond what the county hospital could provide. It should be mentioned, also, that this
was 26 hours (or more) in one continuous stretch; this wasn't over two or three days time with a good night's sleep
in between. There was also a black gentleman (of about 35 or so) who had been suffering from some respiratory
problem and was on his second or third hospital (and twelve hours in an er), also due to a lack of insurance coverage.

Finally, at about 2:30 in the morning I was examined by a couple of doctors, given a reference to an orthopedic doctor
(and a pair of crutches along with a a soft knee brace), and was sent home. At what time my new-found acquaintances
 finally received treatment is anybody's guess.

Rather amazingly, this is what Ryan's crew seem determined not only to protect, but to extend to as many people
as possible. An obscenity where they would give a giant handout to private insurers, which would not even fully
cover treatment for seniors (and forget about the poor entirely), rather would leave them in a position where these
vultures could go after the meager pensions and social security benefits that so many are forced to survive on.

So these morons in the teabagger crowd are screaming about "death panels" in the Obama healthcare?
God, what a bunch of brain dead tools! Do these morons have any idea what Ryan's hope is?

To turn medicare over to a bunch of private outfits who would not only drain these seniors of every nickel
they have but would feel free to deny or terminate coverage over any phantom "prior condition" that they
could conjure up. You need this procedure to stay alive? Tough s***. Our balance sheets outweigh your right to live.

Which is why Ryan's crowd is so obsessed with getting rid of "Obamacare". I mean, how dare these Democrats
consider access to healthcare to be more important than the profits of United Healthcare, Humana or Pfizer?
Does this mean that I consider the health care legislation to be perfect? Hell no. But its a decent first step in a
long marathon course to an actual single payer system.

As for the screams about socialism, as I have tried (without much success) to point out to a Rush Limbaugh
(the Oxycontin Kid) Dittohead (aka a village idiot) co-worker, a decent national healthcare system is no more
socialism than the Military, the Interstate Highway System or the Postal Service. This is yet another example
of the type we all deal with who are too brain dead to understand that our roads, water and sewer treatment,
and virtually our entire educational system are the result of government investment. And the best part?
This guy (who is also a firm denier of global warming) works for a government agency which fully covers
his healthcare costs. Oh my god!!! The socialists are here already!!!!

Thanks for hearing me out Bart-dude.
Its funny; after reading about the likes of Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, I've come to believe if we could
have cloned these two a few thousand times over and dropped them into Nazi Europe, they would have killed
every last one of these third reich bastards in a matter of a few weeks. Just like I've come to think that if we
had a few more bartcops on the beat we'd have long since smacked-down this pathetic excuse of a media
we have. And the neo-nazi cons would be nowhere in sight. Keep swinging that hammer, almighty Bart!!!


P.S.: My little ordeal did not end that night in the hospital. It took a $20,000 procedure (outpatient, no less!!)
a missed month of work, and nearly five months of physical therapy (several thousand dollars of additional care)
to get to where I am now, about 80% of the way to where I was before this damn injury in April of last year.
I would love to see how many of the teabagging faithful could have afforded this hit.

Peace dude.


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