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Subject: The Sad Fall of John McCain

Today, November 5th, John McCain must be playing the would've-should've-could've game in a big way.

During his concession speech America saw the John McCain of 2000 return, a reasonable, calm, 
respectful man speaking well. The kind of man who could carry moderates and conservative democrats 
and win the presidency. John McCain knows that. Just as he knows that he sold his soul to the right-wing 
base after 2000 in order to get through the primaries. 

He knows that his pick of Palin drove away the independents and undecideds. He knows that any 
other republican VP pick with experience means that Obama isn't flipping red states. He knows that 
even Joe Liebermann was a better gamble than Sarah Palin. He knows most of all that if he had 
remained true to himself that he wins the election. 

He knows that in the ultimate irony, what he had to do to get his bid for the presidency cost him that
presidency. He knows he listened to the wrong people and followed the wrong party line. He knows
his gut was right and the RNC was wrong. He knows that his moment of glory, stepping up in the 
primary debates to denounce torture when all his opponents were gung-ho for it and grabbing the 
moral authority by saying "I was tortured" was tarnished by an increasingly desparate and negative 
campaign. He knows he blew it by selling out. He knows he allied and slept with people he hates.

That has to hurt.

Hopefully he knows as well that the right man for the time won. Hopefully he knows that he can 
still do good work in the senate under President Obama. Hopefully he knows he can come home
and find himself an who he was again.

Inspector Javert

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