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Sally's Idol Review

I'll have to admit it, right up front - I am not a fan of tonight's mentor, Shania Twain. 
In fact, I've barely heard of her or any of her music for that matter. 

I'll bet there are no guys reading this who can say that  :)     Click  Here

Oh, C&W music is okay, and I've done my share of Texas two-stepping in my day - and even some
'Line dancing' as well - but this 'Contemporary C&W' stuff is just not my thing. In fact, I didn't know 
(or like) one song from last night. I will just have to go on performance - and may the best man win, 
because the girls were not on the top on my list at all...

Here we go:


Ryan kicks off the show by thanking everyone for giving last week – all told, the show raised more than $45 million. 
And that number will keep going up if people download songs that were performed last week. 
This was the highlight of the evening for me!

1 Lee DeWyze, "Still the One." Okay, he's doing that, 'low-start' thing so he can go high later on in the number.
(Note to singers, you can only get away with this if you can actually hit those low notes.) Lee was pitchy and 
awkward the other night - this was definitely not Lee's best performance for me.

2 'Big Mike' Lynche, "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing."  As I've said, I don't know this song, so have no means 
of comparison. It actually seems to work nicely, fitting right into his R&B vibe and not sounding, 'country' at all. 
Also liked the little falsetto at the end, ala Maxwell. Shania is swaying along and appears to be groovin' with Big Mike. 

Apparently, he picked a song that could be changed to suit him without it being changed too much. Ellen was nervous 
for Mike, but said it felt like a Luther Vandross performance. Simon also heard the Luther-ness in the performance. 
That being said, however, he thought the song was “wet” (nobody has a clue what that means). Simon explains that is, 
"The opposite of dry" or "a little bit girlie for you." Simon can be an ass.

3 Casey James, "Don't."  Casey's a country and blues kind of guy, so I thought C&W would probably work for him
- and Casey performs it well. As the judges would say, I could hear this on the radio, and it reminded me a little of 
Bob Seger - even Ellen mentioned it as well.  I'm not sure Casey's really pushing himself a lot here, but I think it’s a 
solid performance. Crystal is my horse in this race but I sure don't want to see beautiful Casey voted off tonight. 

4 Crystal Bowersox, "No One Needs To Know."  I think the strong performance by Casey, along with the judges 
heaping praise on the prior 3 contestants, kind of put her in a bad spot because, the bloom's off the rose this week. 
It wasn't a bad performance, but it didn't really capture my admiration either. She says the song's message is to her 
boyfriend, to whom she's dropping hints - my guess is about getting married... Randy liked the Nickel Creek-ish 
arrangement, but it wasn't his favorite performance. I second that. Ryan singles out Crystal's boyfriend in the audience 
(he's the skinny dude chewing on the hayseed) ha ha  and reminds the guy that there's some pressure here. 

Crystal does some air kissing in the boyfriend's direction - she's blushing now. Simon describes it as something you 
might expect from a band in a coffee shop, I'll give him that as well... 

5 Aaron Kelly, "You've Got A Way."  It’s boring and predictable. Can this kid only sing ballads? He does go for 
the higher note at the end, so points for that, but not much else.  He's got potential but I just don't think he's there yet. 
WHAT is the deal with the judges and this guy? He's got a pleasant voice, but he's not great. Maybe Aaron's got 
blackmail photos of Simon and Ryan,  ha ha  or Ellen, or Kara? I don't get it. Kara mentions Aaron changed the,
"making love" line, and Aaron says he was singing it to his mommy. 'Nuff said, this is gagging me...

6 Siobhan Mangus, "Any Man Of Mine." Shania tells Siobhan to get attitude and play the role. 

Dressed like a freak, a screaming start, and charging the stage like Bret Michaels, Siobhan’s trying to play up the 
audience, running all over the place. The whole thing seems very wild. Oh, and pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. Well, I'm sure 
her fans loved this, but I was ready to hit the mute button. Hated every miserable second of it. Oh great, she screams 
at the end and holds the ugly note to boot. That was arguably as bad as, "Through the Fire." I think the judges gave her 
a break this week after being overly critical in prior weeks, when in fact, they should have told her that she plain stunk! 

Tonight we get performances from Lady Antebellum, Sons of Sylvia (who won Fox’s Next Great American Band
- like, three years ago), and Shakira. Wow, one of these things is not like the other - I LOVE Shakira, BTW! 

Till the next time,
SP :)

I'm OK with losing Shiobhan, Aaron or Big Mike.
Idol needs a good winner this year because next year (with Ellen in charge) will likely suck,

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