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Sally's Idol Semi-finals report

Final three sing for their lives tonight.
Each contestant will perform two numbers tonight, one which they will (allegedly) choose for themselves, 
and the second, one that was chosen by the judges. And, if you have any doubt that AI is rigged, you won't 
after you hear who got the best selection, and all of the bells and whistles that went with it. 

Good God, just when you think this show couldn't get any more manipulative, you have the A/hole judges 
driving not just any bus, but one of those huge red, London double-decker busses right down the road, 
making SURE that the 'final' show will go the way they have scripted it to be! At the same time, they manage 
to pimp one contestant up to a degree that I never thought possible, even for AI.

Damn, looks like we were all watching the same show.
The judges' whoredom was palpable.

Without further ado, here we go:
1. Casey James. The first song that 'he' chose, "Okay, It's Alright With Me," by Eric Hutchinson, and the second song 
(which is just utter crap) selected by Randy and Kara, entitled, "Daughter's," by John Mayer. "Daughters?" Really? For a final 3? 

Why not just show a test pattern for 90 seconds and save us the aggravation? 

Excellent point!
They saddle Casey with a sure loser and then give Lee that sickly sweet Hallelujah -with a f-ing choir, no less,
which made it sound like we were in church so a vote against Lee is a kick to Baby Jesus's head.

Another question for you: Why is Casey ripped for a relatively obscure song to open the show, and Lee sings a song 
just as obscure, and gets major pimpage? Rumor has it, Casey had chosen and rehearsed another song, when, "suddenly" 
there was no clearance - probably as of the morning of the show. 

Casey did the best he could with the drek given to him, but he seemed defeated. He knows... Don't worry, Casey. 
With your good looks, and guitar playing ability, you are going to be snapped up by a band in no time. 
(And, for the record, I voted for you, many times last night!)
2. Crystal Bowersox, who chose, "Come To My Window," by Melissa Etheridge - and, "Maybe I'm Amazed," 
by Sir Paul McCartney, as chosen by Ellen.

Sorry Crystal, last night was just, 'same old, same old' from you as far as I'm concerned. You looked tired, and stressed
- not up to par. Your second song, sans your trademark guitar, did zip for me. I fear that AI has sucked all the air out of you 
after hearing you sing last night. Oh, and does anyone else fault that band for racing over Crystal when she sings? 

I don't think they have a clue about backing a folk/blues singer such as Crystal used to be. That being said, 
I can see your future now, gf:   Married to that uber geek, and singing in local coffee houses for your supper, 
while he watches your kid. That's the truth, but ATST, really sad...
3. Note who got the Pimp Spot: Lee DeWyze, "Simple Man," Lynyrd Skynyrd, 
and the, 'always brings down the house number,' "Alleluia" by Leonard Cohen.
Wow. They really want Lee to win this, don't they?

Lee's first song was meh at best, but since his 'win' has been predetermined, he received a shit-load of overpraise for it anyway.
In fact, that may have been higher than Jordin Sparks-level pimping right there.   ha ha

Jordin Sparks - another Idol flame-out.
Has she gotten any non-FOX gigs the last few years?

But, the second choice: The violins; The choir; The arrangement; The lighting! 
I half expected angels to come flying out of his butt after the last note. What? 
Did the bagpiper have the night off so they had to substitute the Mormon Tabernacle Choir instead?   ha ha

You just know that Simon helped with that arrangement, like he helped Adam with, "One" last year. 
(The difference here is, ADAM HAD A VOICE!) But Lee's version had all of the over-the-top cheese 
and lack of subtlety that's Simon's trademark - WITH A FREAKING CHOIR AND JESUS LIGHTING!

I know that Simon told Lee to, "Just sing the words and forget about any meaning or relevance in the song
- not to worry about staying on key since the strings, lighting, and choir will cover up any imperfections!" 
(Keep in mind, readers, a choir can't fix the abysmally bad phrasing here.) 

Hell, I couldn't believe they didn't release doves at the end of the song - it was that much over the top. ha ha
That being said, I really did think the bagpiper was going to show up at the end again - I was sorta disappointed there... Psych!
What more can I say about last night's show? It's been such a sad slow decline for this season of American Idol, 
that it's becoming a struggle to write a decent recap.

Crystal is special, but it seems clear that TPTB don't think she's marketable or 
(probably more importantly), malleable enough to be their Idol. 

Therefore, it's been decided that Lee will take the crown for this season - sliding into obscurity 
as has last year's phony 'winner,' Chris Allen. As you recall, Allen was pushed oven ADAM LAMBERT 
because TPTB couldn't stand having a gay guy represent them via Disney - and that that's the truth, I mean to tell you!

Next week is the final, perhaps for all of us, huh??
Till then,
Sally P :(

PS: This is an interesting link about what really happens to the 'After Idol's.'
       Click here: Making the 'American Idol' top 10 is no guarantee of stardom - Los Angeles Times 

Yeah, but the kids get to do that summer tour - do they get paid for that?
On Survivor and Big Brother you get one million and half a million dollars for winning.

What do you get for winning Idol?
A contract with Simon and 19 Productions that you can't get out of if you try?


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