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Sally's Idol Review 

Two guys and two girls with the lowest number of votes were out last Thursday night. 
While sad to see four kids have their dreams die in the spotlight, let's be real here
- four weeks from now, will we even remember their names? 

I won't, so I'll not bother going back there - to last week's results.

That being said, I'll admit it, I'm feeling the pull - as I am getting sucked in to AI 2010. 
The contestants are becoming more personal to me, and have improved some as well.

So, let's do a sweep of the last two nights. Here we go:

"The Boys."

1. Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, “This Is a Man’s World.” He went into the footsteps of 
all time great, James Brown, and all I can say is: Smokin'!

2. John Park, “Gravity” by John Mayer. Isn't Mayer the guy with the talking, 'White Supremacist' penis? 
Park is a good-looking boy, has a nice voice, but the song was B O R I N G! As Simon said, 
"A so-so performance."  I think Simon was being nice to Johnny myself...

3. Casey James, “I Don’t Wanna Be.”  A bit (justifiably) cocky, but if Casey can sing like he did last week, 
and play his guitar like he did this week, Casey will easily go into the top tier. Love his look, love his voice, 
and I'm sure he'll sail through on a wave of collective lust.

4. Alex Lambert, “Everybody Knows.” Well, I don't know the song, and this kid is snoozeville...

5. Todrick Hall, “What's Love Got to Do With It?” OMG, he took on the Queen (Aretha Franklin) 
and showed her no, "Respect!" No dancing, and a lousy falsetto run at the end - just shoot me now... 
I agree with the judges’ advice; he needs to lose the affectations - starting with his first name...

6. Jermaine Sellers, “What's Goin’ On.” Gospel sound or not, he ruined that song. 
Did you hear the rumble in the background? That was Marvin Gaye rolling over in his grave!

7. Andrew Garcia, “You Give Me Something.” Another song I don't know, and yet another performance on a stool. 
I heard someone comment, "If you're risking becoming unmemorable, you do not sit on a stool and sing a slow song 
relegated to adult contemporary radio, while performing in the first hour." I couldn't agree more.

8. Aaron Kelly, “My Girl.” He's a fun kid, and seems to really love being onstage. 
I can just see him as a teen heart throb - with that nice voice and great smile of his!

9. Tim "Trojan" Urban was next, and started out by talking about his gigantic family. His song was, “Come On Get Higher.” 
I liked NOTHING about him, and couldn't care less about his family, or that he 'prays' before performing... Pray for some talent, kid, ya know?

10. Lee Dewyze, “Lips of an Angel.”  Here's the Dark horse this season. Lee has that raw something - reminiscent of Daughtry. 
He well-deserved the pimp spot this week. I didn't know the song, but loved it, and loved Lee singing it too!

"The Girls."
1. Crystal Bowersox, "As Long As I Can See The Light." This is what natural talent looks like.  
Kara called her, "effortless, centered, focused..." Did any of them throw in, "Great?" A fresh version of Janis Joplin 
sans the booze and drugs?  Don't know that, but just know she's pulling out of the pack and running ahead. You Go Girl!
2.Haeley Vaughn - Miley Cyrus's, "The Climb."  Okay, for starters, that song is dreck. But, Haeley's cute and perky. 
I can see her on the Disney Channel - you know, in one of those mindless, barely teen shows, that the tweenies love... 
She needs some time and maturity to land on her feet... But, she will.
3. Lacey Brown, “Kiss Me.” Pretty voice, but that girl has a weird look, and buck teeth that are just off-putting...
4. Katie Stevens, “Put Your Records On” in the completely wrong key - but for some reason, I liked her! 
She is very cute, and I hope she stays.
5. Didi Benami - “Lean On Me.”
OMG! She screeched out a great classic song - someone should tell her she is positively tonally deficient!
Note; her praying and meowing are TMI - especially since she is just bad!
6. Michelle Delamor, “With Arms Wide Open.” In her interview, she starts out by telling us what is, 
"Am-por-entt" (important) to her. That was like chalk on the blackboard to me!  She needs to learn English PRONUNCIATION! 
Must have learned her song via "Hooked On Phonics." She played the sex card all the way. Hot outfit, bad song, lousy job!
7  Lilly Scott, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” was solidly awesome!  A genuine Indy performer, yup, a keeper - I hope! 
8. Katelyn Epperly, “The Scientist” sounded amazing! She had great control, and by stripping the song down 
to just her and the piano - she managed to showcase her serious talent! Whoa! What a beautiful girl. Another keeper.
9  Paige Miles, “Walk Away.”  Paige sang a song that Kara wrote, and was a 'hit' by Kelly Clarkson (whom I detest).
While the judges were lukewarm to her, I found it pleasant enough. Unfortunately, comparing it to those with genuine talent
- Paige will probably be walking away soon...
10. Siobhan Magnus, "Think." This young girl has the biggest voice in the competition. She did a vanilla Aretha
- but done it good, hitting the big note at the end... And, she's sweet - and shows promise - I like that!!
Well readers, that's it for this time. I like to get this written before the results show - so I have my own thoughts
- zippy as they may be, hahaha! Till next time,

Sally P 

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