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Sally's Idol Review

Inspirational Song Night, Alicia Keys mentor.:

I love Alicia Keys. She is a beautiful superstar, talented, altruistic, and a true humanitarian. 
Unfortunately, because of tomorrow night's 2-hour, "Idol Gives Back" extravaganza, the 'behind the scene' 
films are short, so we only catch a glimpse of Alicia with the kids. Therefore, I'm just going to tell the 
contestants what I think for a change, for all you all to read!
"On with the Show!" 
1 Casey James, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow," Fleetwood Mac. 
This week you took on the mantle of the Clinton Presidential Campaign (1993 - 2001). 
Posing with your guitar, and save one cool guitar riff, it was a lazy performance, Casey. 
In case you didn't know, you are a honky-tonker, not a seasoned, polished stage star. 
I mean, standing there and singing with that smile pasted on your face, you looked more like the "American Idiot." 
Kara hit the nail on the head here: 'Jam Band' quality - but God, you are SO gorgeous...
2 Lee DeWyze, "The Boxer," Simon and Garfunkel. You started off somewhat shaky, kid, and you did get better 
as you went along. But, Lee, could you be any more lackadaisical if you tried? You have an interesting - no good, voice, 
but you look so uncomfortable onstage, it is really off-putting... It's becoming obvious that you have a great recording voice, 
but you are not concert material - and I don't think you ever will be. 
3 Tim Urban, "Better Days," Goo Goo Dolls. Timmy, you were really shaky and off-key for most of your performance. 
It's time for you to go home. Actually, you are overdue, but we won't quibble here. My daughter swears that you have 
been sired by a former, "Partridge Family" or "Brady Bunch" cast member, but personally, I think she has been influenced 
by the pimples on your face... Randy calls it, "good karaoke," I think he's being too nice. You had better hope the tweeny 
texters are out in force for you tonight!

I read about one mother who bribed her kids into helping
and between them, they cast 1600 votes for Tim in two hours.

Seafoam said they got 34 million votes last week.
They have about 23 million homes watching so the average is less than two votes per home.
Texts cost what - either ten cents or they're free, so why doesn't Idol get more votes?
4 Aaron Kelly, "I Believe I Can Fly," R. Kelly. Okay, not only is the song itself groan-inducing, but you sang it pretty badly. 
I realize that you see all those, 'hand-wavers' going crazy for you - plus, I know you are trying to be all teen-hearthrob-y and 
all that jazz - fact is, this song was way too big for you. Another thing, you either bounce, or stomp across the stage - you have 
no idea how to move naturally across the space. And, finally, Aaron, you are 16 years old, and you are going to tell me that, 
"I can fly?" Well, let me tell you, I've flown in my day - and you haven't a clue... You are still wet behind your ears, young man!
5 Siobhan Mangus, "When You Believe," (one of the Soundtrack songs from, "The Prince of Egypt") sung by Mariah Carey 
& Whitney Houston. Siobhan, this song is a fantastic showcase for just how limited you are.   ha ha
Being able to hold one note forever doesn't make you a singer, missy! After suffering through your breathy and choppy song, 
I realized what is your problem. You do have a potentially beautiful voice (gorgeous high note at the end) but it is so obvious 
that you have not had any formal training - which you MUST have for your vocal range! Take 6-months off, and get yourself 
a good vocal coach - and you will soar. Oh, and Siobhan, your comments to Ryan about your song choice - which we KNOW 
was for the benefit of the judges - not a smart thing to do... You looked like a petulant child - which you probably are!
6 "Big Mike" Lynche, "Hero," (The Ode To Spiderman) by Sterling Knight (sung by that guy from Nickelback). As Randy said, Mike, 
"You held your own, but I didn't like your choice of song." (Notice how I'm trying not to mention that it was a big pile of blah, here.)  
Kara had a good point as well, "It's not in your tone."  You are such a great showman, please step it up a notch for next week!
7 Crystal Bowersox, "People Get Ready," written by Curtis Mayfield (made famous by, "The Impressions" in 1965). 
Crystal, you put down your guitar for the first time all season, and showcased by a single spotlight, you started the song a cappella
- and it only got better from there - it was right on point.  Big talent, vocal training, professionalism, and even some emotion tonight
- good job Crystal!    That being said, I sure would like to know what is going on with you behind the scenes, gf...
There comes a time, weeks before the final night, when the contest is decided.
David Cook won the night he sang "Hello" and I think Crystal won it all last night. 

Breaking into tears as you close the song probably wasn't planned - but it worked great!!
And what's the story with Dad?  Why was last night his first time to be there? 
It can't be money - Crystal is already an eventual millionaire - had they been estranged?
Maybe Dad smelled money and decided to "patch things up" with Ms. Show Business?

And did you hear about the Crystal drama a few weeks ago?
She quit the show, and she started to walk out and Seafoam grabbed her and said,

"Idol allowed me to buy my Mom a house - don't your want to buy your Mom a house?"
That worked and she came back.  I guess Mom would really like a million dollar home in Hooterville.

If I was God, I'd send Shioban home tonight. Mike Lynche next week, then one of the pretty boys,
then the other pretty boy, have Lee come in third, and then Casey and Crystal fight, Crystal wins.

However, the winner is often NOT the judges' favourite (spelling for Simon)..
Last year they couldn't shut up about Adam Lambert (great talent, BTW)
but he was beaten by the boring kid who hasn't worked a non-Idol gig since.

Another wrap - short and boring show (save for Crystal and perhaps Lee).
Are you all ready for the 3-hanky tear-jerker night, tonight?? 
As Crystal said: People Get Ready!
Sally P "Out!"

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