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Sally's Idol Review  

Last week, Randy felt like Didi Benami's performance flat-lined - the following night, it did just that. 
"Bye Bye, Didi." Now you just go out there and bump and grind your little heart out - right next to the 
free lunch buffet at your local strip club!! Keep them athletes happy, gf!
This week it's Lennon/McCartney night, and overall, this was my favorite episode of, 'Idol' so far this season. 
Love the music, and none of the nine turned in truly awful performances. So, here we go:
1 Wedding singer, Aaron Kelly, 'Long and Winding Road.' Aaron did a descent job here, though nothing exciting either. 
Actually, it’s like Muzak to me. (Even the people waving their arms in the audience looked like they were only doing it halfheartedly.) 
Ellen tells him that while she loves him, it sounded like, "a long and winding song." Hear, hear...
Simon calls him old-fashioned, and the crowd goes Teabagger on him - kinda enjoyed that...
Not to worry, Aaron can make an album of schmaltzy tunes that will be played at weddings for the next decade or so, 
and he'll make a nice living off of the royalties thereafter. That being said, I suspect that he'll be around for a while yet...
2 Bubbly, Katie Stevens tackled, 'Let it Be' this time around. While her voice always sounds pretty to me, 
I was not overwhelmed by her performance... I'll just, 'Let It be...'
3 La Cucaracha man, Andrew Garcia is singing, 'Can't Buy Me Love.'  Dressed up like an, “Hispanic Buddy Holly...” 
All I can say here is that he can definitely do the rockabilly thing, and that's what he did with this song. It was like a 
hokey variety show version that you'd see on a cruise ship, as part of a medley - where I suspect Andrew will end up. 'Nuff said.
4 Big Mike Lynche chooses, 'Eleanor Rigby' and I'll just have to say that you can't put big Mike in a box. He keeps all of
his performances fresh and interesting - and whatever he sings, he knows how to deliver! Loved the string octet in the 
semicircle background - nice touch! On a humorous note, Mike says his family had a singing group, which was called the, 
"Lynche Mob" who performed together when he was younger. Imagine that: The Black Von Trapps! (Luv ya Mike!)
5 Star-powered, Crystal Bowersox chose, 'Come Together' last night, and it was a really strong, bluesy rendition too! 
Oh, snap! A Digereedoo - which was kind of cool - not that she needed any enhancement to her act! She is just First Class 
no matter what she sings or what she does!
6 Mop-headed, Tim Urban was very cute, singing, 'All my Lovin.' Was it corny? Hell, yeah. Did he, for a few moments, 
take me back to the young Paul McCartney in the 60s? He sure did... Unfortunately, he's no Sir Paul, you know?? 
But he was cute, nevertheless...
7 'Playboy' Casey James renders, 'Jealous Guy' for his offering. Looking a cut above his roots, and dressed in a white tuxedo
(like a hired killer infiltrating a wedding),  ha ha  he wow'd the crowd. I think Casey was smart to go in a slightly different direction by 
picking a solo John Lennon song instead of a Beatles song. He went far beyond, 'making it his own' and putting an interesting 
spin on it. Loved the throat-gravel, and persona - he was absolutely captivating. Simon calls him, "Goldilocks," and tells him 
that it was the best performance of the night. I concur, big time. Come on girls, doesn't Casey make you want to be young, 
pretty, and flirty again?? 
8 Thrift Store model, Siobhan Magnus sang, 'Across the Universe,' last night - which didn't really work for me. 
She had some nice moments, but it just strikes me as being somehow simultaneously theatrical and boring. 
As the judges are making their comments, Earl the Heckler loudly interrupts Simon. So, instead of letting the man 
enjoy his 2-minutes of fame IN THE AUDIENCE (and then sending him back to the trailer park in Chino) Ryan 
calls him onstage!  Ryan, I know you thought it was cute to bring Earl on stage, but you know what's not cute? 
Siobhan being stabbed on national television by some deranged fan. DON'T do that again!
9 Pimp Spot - Lee Dewyze is really going for it with, 'Hey Jude.' Ah, Lee, even Tim beat you out tonight... 
There isn't much to say about this other than, "dude, Bagpipes??"
Well, gang, that's a wrap for now. Oh, the comment of night? Crystal wins for her thoughts about the fact that 
Andrew and Lee can get married and have lots of "little Danny Gokey babies."  That's still cracking me up.
I think that Lee and Andrew may be in trouble tonight - ironically getting fewer votes because they weren't so bad 
that people will be trying to save them.   And, finally,  hear tell that next week, Adam Lambert is the mentor, 
so save your energy and make sure to hydrate. That should be GREAT!
Till then, be there or be square,
 SP :)

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