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Sally's 3-17 Idol Review 

Last week still another 4 contestants left - none save Indie singer, Lilly Scott will be missed by me!

Two former Idol contestants made a visit on elimination night. “Tell Her About It” was a cheesefest, 
but it was great to hear Matt Giraud (looking a way more cool than in Season 8) and Scott MacIntyre riff 
on their pianos. Piano duels are an instant win. When Scott said, “It’s good to see you too, Ryan,” 
I did a double-take and had a good laugh... 
Now for Tuesday night. Let's start out with those dreadful intro tapes that make you want to kill yourself with anguish...  
Michael and his weeping Mom, Oy. Casey, I didn't know you had such a tough time as a baby! 
Andrew, your father was in a gang, and your Mom is mute?  
Crystal, please, don't write anymore songs about your father, he can't handle them... 
OMG, what? Aaron was adopted? Paige's father was in a wheel chair?? 
Oh, what's that? Paige's father isn't in a wheel chair anymore, 
oh, because he died? Oh, sorry 'bout that... 

 ha ha

And, look at those kids work their itsy bitsy home towns in Podunkville, America. 
Know what? I don't freaking care!! TMI!
Let's get on with the SHOW!
Hopefully, this week the top 12 will come out swinging with songs from The Rolling Stones!!
1  Michael 'Big Mike' Lynche, “Miss You,” showed us (again) how natural Michael is as a performer. 
With his incredible falsetto, Mike made the R&B mix of the song, sound modern, though it could have used a bigger finish, IMHO. 
Big voice, big talent, love that guy.
2  Didi Benami, “Play With Fire.”  In her intro piece, I guessed that she has false teeth, and that she really comes across 
as the 'dumb blond!' Furthermore, her performance never really went anywhere. Not even near a, "WOW" moment, 
and the lyrics flubs killed it for me...
3  Casey James, “All Over Now.”  Gorgeous Casey is from Cool, Texas. Seeing the entire Casey family in his intro tape, 
I see that, "Cool" Texas must be the home of the sleeveless tee.  The James’ are not a classy bunch, you see... 
Oh, Casey, you are a great guitar player, and so cute - but I fear that your singing and performing makes you come off 
as a smalltime blues singer, darlin'. 
4  Lacey Brown, with a string quartet version of “Ruby Tuesday.” The minister's daughter (Both her parents are pastors
- imagine that) in her outlandish high heel shoes, lookin' like a hooker on 42nd Street, had a good musical start, and then 
ran the song into the ground. This is why I dread AI giving rank amateurs decent material to slaughter onstage...
5  Andrew Garcia, “Gimme Shelter.”  In his intro clip, Andrew's dad thought he would become a custodian because he 
liked to collect keys as a kid. (Set those goals high, dad...)   Andrew, I thought it was decided last week - you were to 
ditch the guitar and just sing - flat notes and all... The song is about the war in Vietnam, and Kara thinks he, "Lacked intensity." 
Simon asks, "Did you seriously want him to come onstage in a bloody tank?" Hahaha, yer slaying me, Simon!
6  Katie Stevens, “Wild Horses.” Perched on her high stool, wearing her best pageant dress, I realized what a beautiful girl is she. 
I don't care what the judges thought, I found it a powerful vocal performance! I do like this girl... That being said, there is just 
something Kat McPhee about her to me. And boy, did I detest that stuck up bitch! I suspect Katie is a lot sweeter than that, though.
7  Tim Urban performed his reggae version of “Under My Thumb.” Groan, I'm not impressed...  Urban is just not in the same 
league as most of these contestants and needs to go home! That being said, Tim's Mom reveals that he was mistaken for a girl 
a lot when he was a kid. Wow, in case you didn't know it, this was way embarrassing for your son on national TV, uber Mom...
8 Siobhan Magnus sings, “Paint It Black.” A haunting mixture of rock and roll and Phantom of the Opera - HOT!! 
I called her out from the start. She, Mike, Katie Stevens, and Crystal are making the show for me!
9 Lee Dewyze, “Beast of Burden.” (Made his parents turn away while he sang. Please, no, I'm snorting water out of my nose already...) 
Okay, Lee, stop getting high before every performance. You COULD be great with your gravely voice, you almost made the song
current and soulful - but your diction IS dope (and not the good kind)! No more, "Dark Horse" for you!!
10 Paige (should have gone home last week) Miles, “Honky Tonk Woman.”  Freaking C&W? Give me a break! 
Not the song choice for you little girl. You are running on fumes...
11 Aaron Kelly, “Angie.”  (His mom's name is REALLY Kelly Kelly? Make them stop...)  Seriously, why is a 16 year old 
is singing this song is beyond me. It needed to have more grit and less precision (and I'm being kind here). I don’t see anything 
original or memorable about this kid, or his song! Anyone else find it creepy watching a prepube try to emote sex and yearning 
as if he knew what life was all about?  It doesn't work for me.  It's probably because I don't have a cell phone covered in glitter, 
or tiny texting fingers either...
12 (Pimp Spot) Crystal Bowersox, “You Can't Always Get What You Want.”  No, 'Wow' moment, but soulful and professional 
nevertheless. There is something about watching someone so unassuming, yet confident, perform. You get comfortable, and relax, 
and too soon it's over - before you know what hit you. She's awesome, so, what else do they want her to bring to the table? 
You just go, girlfriend!
That's a wrap, but one more thing, I was really annoyed by all of the "fan section" waving their arms around and the camera angle 
that seemed to show those arms all the time. I know they've had that section for a while, but it seemed much more obnoxious this time around!
In a few hours it will be all over for someone???

Who will it be?
Till next week,
 Sally P :) 

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