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Sally's Idol Recap

THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL, "shocker" week. Who could ever forget the Daughtry bomb, a few seasons back? 
Yup, this is WEEK FOUR - week of the unexpected elimination! What if this season is desperate enough for an 
impossible elimination, and Crystal will go home tonight - or, the shocking prediction of Lee?? I could live with the latter...
Jamie Foxx is the Mentor for, "Movie Night" AKA "Songs from the Silver Screen." Ugh...
I'm just gonna say it here: Jamie Foxx needs to take his tee-shirts and shove them up his pompous ass. 
Jamie, if AI ever asks you to mentor again, you should just say, "No" because other than pumpin' a lot of hot air, 
you are just BAD! (Especially following Harry Connick, JR!)
One more note of interest before we get started. I'm guessing you (readers) didn't see the official song list.  There were 50 songs, 
most of which were overdone 1980's cheese. If the contestants were not allowed to choose from outside of it (don't know this) 
it is an unfortunate road block for all of them - and that's all I'm sayin' about the choices made last night...

Show Time, so here we go:
1. Lee Dewyze, "Kiss From a Rose," from one of the many Batman movies. Holy spray on tan Batman! 
Is it my imagination, or did Lee look like he was dipped in bronzer this week? On stage, Lee hid behind his guitar, in JEANS, 
a brown tee-shirt, and a plaid shirt.  The shirt was the most exciting thing about this performance. All I got from him was, 
"Baaaaaybeeeeeeee, 'muttermumblemuttermumble,' kissfromarrows 'muttermumblemuttermumble,'" in the Key of Lee.
Back in the stable for you, big fellow...
2. "Big Mike" Lynche, "Will You Be There," from the soundtrack of, "Free Willy." Starting the song on the stairs 
(with a heavenly choir of backup singers bathed in rays of blue light behind him), we expected BIG things from Big Mike. 
Unfortunately, his low notes at the start, were too weak - in fact, they were barely there. He rewrote around it the next time
he had to sing that phrase, but I think the whole song should have been moved up a key. OTOH, this version was at least 
energized - unfortunately, it didn't build to any gospelly excitement, which would be hard to accomplish in under the two 
allotted minutes anyway... I could be prejudiced here, because I REALLY love old time Black gospel music - and, 
Mike was almost there - almost being they key word here... 
Duet: Crystal and Lee,"Falling Slowly," featured in the film "Once."
Anyone else think that Lee and Crystal really sound like they should be a country singing duo anyway? :) 
They worked together in good harmony and balance; and it was just lovely. 
Awesome big note ending from Crystal as well! (Didn't know you had that in ya, gf!)
3. Casey James, "Mrs Robinson," from the 1967 movie, "The Graduate."  Casey wore a teal jacket and his trademark 
shiny blonde hair.  Oh, my...  As for the performance, using a mandolin gave the song a different sound, and it was really cool.
As usual, the judges panned him. Mrs Robinson," AKA 'Kara the Cougar,' gathered a LOT is innuendo from the judges. 
Childish, but humorous, I expect... 

Casey, however, remains unflappable. Clearly, not winning American Idol won't be the end of his world or dreams. 
Whatever happens, he'll still have his incredible pretty working for him! :)
"Okay, I don't care what this guy sings, I'm gonna dial for him till my fingers ache!" (And, I did it too!!)
4. Crystal Bowersox, "I'm Alright," from the movie, "Caddyshack." Arranged as a country-rock-type song, it was good
- but compared to what??  Simon said, "She's back," therefore, she's all right?  The highlight of the whole damned show 
occurred at this point when Ryan ripped on Crystal's geeky boyfriend, for having no rhythm and then, quickly we got a 
glimpse at Crystal's heartthrob, in his American flag bottoms. Talk about pantriotism... 

Kidding aside, it seems to me that Crystal may have peaked a bit too early. 
I'm missing the magic that I used to get from her, you know??  

Duet: Big Mike and Casey, "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" From the film, "Don Juan DeMarco."
There they were, toting dueling acoustic guitars, and Casey's guitar playing was outstanding! (I knew he was a 
talented string man, but I didn't realize he could pull off the Spanish-acoustic stuff that well!) That being said, 
Mike was smooth of song too... Really unexpected. The song was cheesy but they made it work.

As for her comment on the performance, Ellen replied, "As a matter of fact, yes, I have loved a woman," 
which totally cracked Simon up! Oh snap...
I thought it was somewhat weird that all 4 contestants used guitars in their duets.  It was like the battle of the guitars at times. 
I must say, if this was Guitar Idol (or even Mandolin Idol) Casey would win it hands down.
Although they were very good, I didn't think either of the tonight's duets were anywhere close to the way
Adam and Allison blew the roof off the Idoldome last year. "Slow Ride" was Effin' awesome! Memories...
Tonight's show includes Bon Jovi, Fantasia, and Daughtry - and then the ax will fall... 
Two weeks until the finale! WHY AREN'T YOU MORE EXCITED?!
Till next time,
Sally P :)

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