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Sally's Idol Review 

Last week, on the Tuesday before last, Lacey Brown sang, "Good Bye Ruby Tuesday." 
On the day after that, American Idol said, "Good Bye" to MS Brown. 
While not the worst of the bunch, ( IMHO) 
she would not have lasted much longer, so it was no loss for me.

Oh, before I forget, it appears all evicted Top 12 contestants will pay a visit to the David Letterman Show after their demise.
Gee, didn't they USED to be on Leno? Wonder what happened there...
So, what happens now? As we all know, only the top 10 are allowed to go on the Idol Tour this summer, 
and this is a huge opportunity for them, so the stakes are very high this week.
The show started with the usual cheesy introductions of contestants and judges.  Schizophrenic, Hannah Montana 
(school girl by day, rock star by night) AKA Miley Cyrus was this week's mentor! Groan... I mean, she seems like a nice kid, 
and it's all good that she is there for moral support, but I find it unbelievable that anyone would give credence to ANYTHING 
that Miley Cyrus says about his/her performance! Really, what is she? 11? That being said, here we go:
1 Lee Dewyze, “The Letter.”  Lee came out wanting to prove something, and he did a pretty good job of maintaining his momentum. 
The song was a good choice, and the soulful arrangement really allowed us to see Lee let loose with some vocal melodies. 
Good job, Lee, you have a great future singing in those smoky barrooms down the line...
2 Paige Miles, “Against All Odds.” Okay, all I can say is that this performance was far worse than, “Smile!”  
(I think I've been clear about my hatred for that one!)  Paige, Letterman is on Line 1 - for you...
3 Tim Urban, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." When he started singing, I swear to you, Freddie Mercury sat up in his grave 
and started looking around for Ashton Kutcher from Punked!   Sacrilege! Look, this was a geeky, and stupid performance, 
but I suspect the tweenies will vote, vote, vote... Prepare yourselves...
4 Aaron Kelly, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.” Aaron wasn't as nasal as usual, and as a result, he sounded pretty good. 
He's slowly gaining traction in this contest, and there may be a shot for him yet, although he won't win!
5 Crystal Bowersox, “Me and Bobby McGee” was phenomenal! Let me say here, that this is a truly bizarre world where 
Miley Cyrus was giving singing advice to Crystal Bowersox. Because, really, what advice did Crystal need?
I remember Janis, live at the Monterey Jazz Festival - because I was there. Crystal does it better than Janis, 
who was drugged out of her mind, most of the time. Yeah, the doper persona went over big back then, 
but Janis (if she showed up) wasn't constant from performance to performance either. Crystal is.
I agree with Simon. "DON'T CHANGE A THING!"
That being said, however, I'm beginning to think Crystal has an emotional problem she is dealing with, 
and I note a deep sadness in her. Whatever it is I hope it doesn't interfere with her singing career.
6 Michael Lynche, “When A Man Loves A Woman.” Woo, baby! Sporting his, 'Pimp' look tonight (sans the hat, 
but with his shirt open and loaded with bling) he starts singing, and takes over that stage! Big Mike had a tough act 
to follow in Crystal, but he took it all in stride and just killed it! The man is a born performer! Go Big Mike!
7 Andrew Garcia, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”  When Andrew met Miley, what was her advice?  
"Put down the guitar." So he did.  And paid for it ... dearly. Although his performance was contrived, his vocal was fine; 
but in the end, his voice just did not carry the day. His clock is ticking away... 
8 Katie Stevens, “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  I'm starting to think that Katie just needed to get to this big stage to let loose! 
She shows real potential, and vocally, she sounded pretty strong. Unfortunately, like 8 other contestants tonight, 
she is just out of her league. I'd like to see her join the tour though, she is very cute. 
9 Casey James,  “Power of Love.” Although Simon snarked, calling it, "Like watching and  listening to an 80's cover band
... no effort, no originality, nothing different," I disagree. Loved his raspy/bluesy rendition of the song, and 
"Yes, Simon, you could be right or wrong," but Casey's HOT, so he's on the tour.
10 Future Porn Star, Didi Benami, “You’re No Good.”  Okay, this was a strip club performance without anyone taking off their clothes. 
Highlight of the show? Simon remarking on, "The irony of you screeching out, 'You're no good, you're no good, you're no good...'" 
At times like this, I just love Mr Cowell, because he hit it spot on! I see a strip club and dance pole in this woman's future, big time! 
Work it girlfriend...
11 Siobhan Magnus, “Superstition.” Solid performance. While I am not a Stevie Wonder fan, she took an older song and made it current. 
And, she sang the stuffing's out of that song! Why do I get the vibe that the judges are solidly in Crystal and Big Mike's corner, 
and that any praise they give to Siobhan is given...grudgingly??  This girl has a great amount of vocal ability, and for the most part, 
she seems to know when to use it and when to back off. And then, in the ending, yes, she was screeching - but I enjoyed that as well!  
Definitely on the tour!
If you have a minute, and don't mind the salty language, check out my fav AI comments here:
YouTube - Wanda Sykes on American Idol
Who's going home tonight? Could it be, would it be, Paige? 
God, I can only hope...

Till next time,
Sally P 

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