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Subject: Hillary and Jon Stewart

Hey Bart,

My friends and I are your average college students in that we watch The Daily Show 
on a somewhat regular basis.  However, we're unlike your average college students in 
that we are the few who fully support Clinton and her campaign (Obama is God here.)  

I remember reading in one of your issues a while back that you thought Jon Stewart just 
wasn't funny anymore.  At the time, I didn't really agree with you (its hard to get over those 
school girl crushes) but watching his show last night changed my mind.  I'll spare you a long 
summary, but basically Hillary Clinton owes her win to ignorant, racist hicks who know nothing 
about the glory that is Obama.  Furthermore, he pointed out that she has the audacity to ask for 
their financial support and has the nerve to take all the money from the poor white people. 
Needless to say, the crowd loved it.  We had to change the channel.  

So this got me thinking, maybe Hill is just going about this all wrong, pandering to the wrong crowd? 
What do you think? Maybe Jon would like her better if instead of asking for support for the poor 
white people, she told them all that they cling in fear to their guns and religion instead.  
That stuff seems right up his ally.

Now I never thought I'd see the day where I was no longer attracted to Jon Stewart, I'm a sucker 
for funny men after all.  But to me and my friends, this just isn't funny.  As this race carries on I've 
been asking myself if maybe I'm missing something.  So many people LOVE Obama, so many 
people think that Hillary should just give up.  Even Stewart's on the bandwagon.  I think I remember 
reading that even you were wondering the same thing.  But you know, after watching that, I don't think 
something is wrong with us, and I want to thank you for providing one of the few sources of sanity 
and fairness, especially when it comes to Clinton, during this race.  

Yes, it looks like Obama will get the nomination, but trashing Hillary along the way isn't going 
to win us this election.  You're right Bart, Stewart's not funny anymore and Obama needs us.

Thanks again,
 Sally M

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