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This is an ugly story about a "journalist" not getting what she wants.

A reporter for was assigned to assault Media Whores Online.
So Jennifer Liberto contacted my publisher, Marc Perkel and got my home phone number.
Then she called my house, twice, begging for an interview.
I refused to talk to her for a few reasons:

1. I was warned that she was out to screw Joe Conason.
    I was told that she had orders from Salon to prove Joe Conason was Media Whores Online.
    How did this get started?
    Bow Tie Boy Carlson of Crossfire, they say, cornered Joe Conason at a party and said,
    "I know you are MWO," to which Conason said, "That's not correct."

    I wondered why Carville and Begala couldn't hardly make it thru a Crossfire without quoting MWO.
    Perhaps they were trying to goad Carlson into making that inaccurate accusation on the air
    so it would further damage Tucker's lack of credibility.

    So, Salon set out to prove this was true.
    Salon set out to screw their own contributing columnist.
    Perhaps David Horowitz has more pull at than we know.

2. If I'm going to talk to a whore from the corprate press, it'll be by e-mail.
    That way, I have a true and accurate record of what I said and what the "journalist" said.

3. I don't like whores, and this Liberto smelled funny from the start, even on the phone.
    On the phone messages she left, she kept saying, "Bart, I love your site! Salon asked me
    to do a story on MWO, but I like your site so much better. Will you talk to me?"

    ha ha

    I know a handjob when I'm getting one, so I refused to pick up the phone.
    So Liberto started sending me e-mails.

Subject:  interview request for


Hey there,
I'm on assignment for's Washington bureau, with orders to find out what makes MWO website tick.

She opens with a stupid and clumsy lie.
She wasn't trying to "find out what makes MWO tick," she was out to screw them.
For some reason, Liberto was appointed hit bitch for CNN's Aaron Brown.
She was following orders, like a good little soldier to "get" MWO.
She figured the best way to do that was to lie like a dirty crack whore.

I'm trying to talk with as many real people as possible. And given that you're both a journalist as well as a
'publicist' for the Bartcop site,  I figured you would be a fabulous person to talk to on both fronts.

Yeah, that's me - fabulous as a publicist.
What a suck job...

Specifically, the story I'm doing looks at the media's growing fascination with MWO website,
and how and why it can it be published so relentlessly, and yet anonymously.

Another lie.
She wasn't out to look at the media's "fascination," with MWO.
She was out to get revenge for Aaron Brown, who has some beef with MWO.

Also, I'm looking at the question of whether there is more of  a significant need for such a watchdog website these days.

If you read this "journalist's" hatchet piece, you'll discover she answered her own damn question.
After repeatedly lying to me about what she was up to, and how "great" and "super" I was,
Liberto turned into some kind of Linda Tripp clone and set out to screw her "friends."
What a slut!

After a week or two of reading the MWO and Bartcop websites, as well as combing
hundreds of older archived caches of both, I feel like I'm beginning to better understand their genesis.

ha ha
Suck me.
You spent a whole week or two reading MWO and BartCop?
I guess that'd make you an expert, Honey.

When I had my live rock club, I met fifty women that would do anything for $25 worth of cocaine,
and I can tell you right now I'd rather loan them money than talk to this scumbaggette "journalist."

I'm a freelancer in New York, and although I had actually never heard of  either the MWO or Bartcop
websites before the story was assigned, I'm impressed.

I'll bet she drops her panties for every subject she's assigned to interview.
Koresh knows what I could've gotten from Liberto if I lived with driving distance of New York.
I wonder - did Jennifer Liberto Monica her way into

(Am also personally delighted with your recent reportings on the Julie Hiatt Steele event in D.C.)

ha ha
 Julie warned me not to talk to this bloodsucking slut (my words).
(Julie knows about getting stabbed in the back by an ethics-free reporter.
 Michael Isikoff cost her her home with his $600,000 check in his pocket.
 I wonder what Salon paid Liberto, and was it in silver?
 Maybe if Jennifer Liberto keeps doing what she's doing, she'll be another Isikoff, someday.)

You can either call or email  me anytime.

Yeah, sit by the phone and wait, Honey.

Jennifer Liberto
Freelance writer
Her phones have been disconnected.

That was e-mail one.
She kept calling my house, and I kept refusing to speak with her.
She talked to other people, then wrote me again.


Two quick questions for you.

One, do you have any idea who is the mysterious JennyQ is.

Uh, Miss Professional Writer, a question mark (one of these - ?)
belongs at the end of a sentence if it's meant to be a question.

Christian said she didn't think you even knew her last name, and just tried to respect her anonymity.
But I just want to make sure that's true, before I report it. And as far as you know, she's still running
the mediawhoresonline site?

More lies.
"Steno Jeno" wouldn't know the truth if it was running down her leg.

And two, on her website she had posted (in Feb.' 01)  that you had approached her
about handling the media topic for you, since you were flooded with contributions.
Who approached who, in the genesis of the mediawhoresonline website?

I don't even know what that means.
I've never been "flooded with contributions," unless Steno Jeno means e-mail.

Also, I'm looking at the question of whether there is more of  a significant need for
such a watchdog website these days.

THAT made me want to reply:

> ha ha
> Surely you jest!
> If you find a journalist who's telling the truth, please forward his/her name so we can praise him/her.
> In the new (read: nothing BUT whores) media, there are less than ten "journalists" who haven't sold
> their souls to the highest bidder.

> THAT's why MWO is needed, because nobody is paying MWO to lie.  They can be trusted because
> they source their material and they aren't getting paid to lie to get a tax cut for some hidden billionaire.
> Look at Ann Coulter - the more outrageous the lie, the more papers run her stories. Everybody knows
> she's lying, but whoever calls her on it won't get their check from Scaife the next week.

> Remember when Woodward & Bernstein had to have two sources before they'd run a story?
> Now, reporters just say "Fuck it, we saw it on Drudge, so we're going to print it."
> The only thing worse than their willingness to sell themselves is their laziness.

> Thanks for saying nice things about Julie,
> bart

Rabid watchdog
While attacking what it sees as a vast, right-wing media conspiracy,
an anonymous Web site has led to a growing media mystery:
Who is behind Media Whores Online?
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
 By Jennifer Liberto

The first page is all about why readers need to hate MWO.

 Of course, it's hard to take MWO seriously as a media watchdog,
 when it remains completely free of any accountability.

I have question:
If you're a whore writer for a whore online magazine, to whom are YOU accountable, Honey?
Besides, how do we know Jennifer Liberto is your real name?
For all the Monica you gave Aaron Brown, you could be him in a dress.

As best can be determined, Media Whores Online originated in Tulsa, Okla., in 1996...

Even after I set her straight, she went with her original lie.
Why did she bother to try to talk to me if she was going to print
whatever lies she had in her mind when the assault was first planned?

For this article, the person, or persons, in charge of MWO insisted on only an interview by e-mail,

Smart move, when dealing with an unprincipled whore such as Jennifer Liberto.
But, Liberto did get at least one sentence correct.

...a miffed journalist would have a hard time proving that being labeled a "media whore" constitutes defamation.

You're goddamn right about that.

Bottom line?
Don't ever talk to
They are a back-stabbing, whore publication who will lie to make a story fit that wouldn't.
The whore-to-reporter ratio over there must be 50-to-1.

I'm so old, I remember when had credibility.


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