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Subject: they are just evil

Hey Bart,
I feel the need to clarify a few things and I may need to wind this down, 
short of more breaking news that proves my point, the "bloggas" seem to have taken the ball and run with it.
  I chose you because you don't pander to every Conspiracy Theory, and I tried walk carefully around what I think is more back-room shenanigans than secret handshake stuff. But I did say "dual citizen" and I think that is worth talking about. The way I see it, we have enough problems with the "internationalist types" who think they are obliged to none, and it's been my personal experience that people with conflicting loyalties are far more conflicted than loyal. The one thing that stands out most about Sen. Joe Demonican is that Joe Hearts Joe. Now I'm sure Israel is in there somewhere and I would hope America is too, but why can't they pick an American/American or is patriotism just PR? And if they've just got to have the Repocrat, what can't they do it in the light of day?
 So is this a conspiracy? Sure. If by conspiracy we mean two or more people working together toward common goal. In that vain, how long before McDribbles requires a conspiracy just to go potty?
  I must be living a sad life when my inner tuning-fork goes off whenever I get close to willful deceit. But this is Alabama and our state bird is the Hypocrite. I may just be overly sensitive.
 Last few points:
        I can't say enough that it all seems too easy, first, if they just couldn't make the time do a background check on the person wanting to be the second most powerful leader in the land, they could've handed it off to a middle-school class. Much of the most damaging stuff was already a matter of public record. I' m convinced that when the final story is told, some of the "gimmes" will turn out to have been from the inside.
    Of course, I still believe it was Dem insiders who dropped the "Monica Bomb" on my guy, Edwards. I you ever meet him, ask him if he's ever heard of a guy named Bill Clinton?
 Of course, the whiners are saying those "meany liberal bloggers" just won't be nice. Give me a break, the Reepers cut their teeth on Butt-Nasty, they just can't stand it when you use their methods and practices. So why not go Rovian and go right after McPOW.
    Ready for command: If the Navy knew better than to give him a command. Why would you?
    Surge: (The surge is an interesting Brain Trap, they've got otherwise intelligent people scared to touch this one. "You can't say anything bad about the surge, or you'll make the soldiers cry."   Give me another break! ) How can you say the surge is working when your adversary can choose not to fight. Is he really that ignorant? Or does he just think you are?
   Running on our record: BuCain, BuCain, BuCain
And for Palin: Just start listing all the many amateurish foibles, available all over the net, go on and on till you just get tired. 
(Does she really want to run on her record?) Maybe she could borrow someone-else's.
Look, Palin's no saint, far from it---but she's "dirty in a small town"---these vipers are just way out of her league. They've set her up to fail. 
They are just that evil.
  So Bart, if don't want to publish any of this stuff, your still alright by me. But if you haven't deleted it all already, 
why not bundle into all in a file , you could call it ----Nut Job?----and let's just wait and see. When it comes to 
exposing the seedier side of politics, my feeling is this: Prove me wrong------please.
 Sam in Alabama

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