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Subject: Are we really on the same side? 

It's time to call it off.  Get behind our nominee.  
I know your style is to fight hard right until the end. 
But the way to do that now is to fight behind Obama.  

If Clinton gets the nod by coup despite having won fewer delegates, it's going to look like 
she stole the election from Obama.  The black vote will be gone.  The Obama die-hards will be gone.  
The convention will be a circus.  We will lose in November.  You know this is the truth.  
Or if Clinton fights until the end but does not take the nomination, what will have been the point?  
If we are this divided now, imagine several more months of this.

I realize it sucks to come to terms with the fact that Clinton can't win at this point.  
But the best thing she can do is concede gracefully and not drag this out until its bitter end.  
Nothing good will come from this continued battle.

Am I making sense?
 (Lost your name, sorry)

So, if the other side would just surrender, you'd be happy?
Odd, I feel the same way.

According to whore NBC, Obama has 49% of the popular vote, 
she has 47% and the momentum, and you see a clear victor here?

Sure, if this was basketball, two points can win the game, but how can either candidate 
unite the party with half of them are severely pissed off that their candidate got trashed?

I don't mean to insult Obama folks, but there's a semi-religious intensity 
that's propelling his candidacy and yes, those people will go postal if they 
don't get what they want - no doubt about that.

As I've been saying for over a month - we have a big problem here
and it's not going to go away by telling one half to "get real."

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