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Subject: Sanity: A Mixed Bag at Best in These Times

Glad you think I'm still sane.  (You can take some of the credit, or some of the blame, as you like -- your site
helps keep me on an even keel, even when Life keeps serving up really nasty, choppy waters as standard fare.) 

Sometimes I sorta wonder about my sanity, though, in the same way in which I might scratch my head,
then shake that head like crazy, questioning whether or not I had really gotten a fat. long glimpse of Bigfoot
coming out of that flying saucer that just landed right over there.

Nah -- never happened: After a second, I can tell myself that and walk away calmly.

But, the current political scene and atmosphere?  Still out of this world.
I can't shake the feeling:  What country am I living in? 
Not only that: What *kind* of country I am living in?

I never would have thought I'd see what is now occurring in the country.  I would never have thought any
of the last 10-plus years of "Republicant" dirty tricks, obstructions, malfeasance, misfeasance, treachery,
and downright traitorous bile would have been allowed to bubble up in this country... nor in so bald a fashion,
in so unconcerned a way, right out in the open.

No wonder the banks, the oil companies, the fianciers and fat cats are so unafraid:  There are no rules now,
no one's watching the store, no one's around to even so much as tap a swollen hand making yet another cash grab.

Looks like fascism can grow in any ground, given enough ignorance, apathy, and with generations of
careful planning by the Right... um, correction... *WRONG* Wing.

This whole "Regressives versus Progressives" thing is happening, along with too many years of unemployment,
at a time many people start considering winding down, start thinking about retiring.

(Didn't that used to be at 55?  Jeez, that was a while ago.  Time has a bad habit of just disappearing, doesn't it?)

The Times are terrifying, depressing, and just plain weary-making.

I suppose there are still people hereabouts that don't get it.  They probably think, if at all, if their peripheral
vision picks up anything, if their mental radar notes anything at all amiss -- that this swirl of political sewage
and high crimes is just more of the usual political disagreements we've always had in America. 

Anymore, I finally realize these people simply do not understand the crucial stakes that are at hand, right here, right now.

These are the perilous times we were warned about by the Founders, and We, the People, may no longer
be able to "keep" this Democracy any longer.

Of course, things can change.  We could wake up, realize we've been invaded by bloodsucking, bone-marrow
digging, zombie vampires from another world, these Tea Baggers and Republicans, and throw them over in a
number of shake-ups and revolutions, large and small.

We could, maybe, even get our country back.

It's just that I'd no longer be making a safe bet.  It's no longer as sure a thing as I would have bet on blindly,
without a second's reconsideration, and for decades without end.

Stay well, keep swinging.  Guess we'll all see what's next.

 Alex in Oregon


I know you and Mike Malloy share small ads on your sites, back and forth, and that you have, in the past,
noted something on your own pages like, "Anyone who has a problem with Mike Malloy has a problem with me". 
Good on you.  Mike's one of my few heroes.  You are, too. 

That's an honest intro to another point here:  I wanted to draw your attention to some astonishing, astounding,
jaw-droppingly great writing -- and about dead-important subjects, too --  by long-time Malloy show contributor, Bob Alexander.

You probably already already know of him, his disarmingly fine writing, and superb, thought-through content.

If not, he publishes his lucid, learned rants here:

His last couple entries, the most recent, at the top of the list, concern reasons he finally had to leave the US
with his small family and move to Canada.  The indictments are chilling, his tone forceful and true, and I wish
everyone who ever pretended there were an American or a Patriot or even thought themselves a religious person
would read these fact-based, opinion pieces.

They are devastating, and they are damning.

If not for cash, we would move to Canada, too, my girlfriend and me.

And to think:  I avoided dodging the draft via a trip to Canada waaaay back in the early 70s.  Instead, I did my time in the military...

I now look back, and I look around now, and I say:  I gave years of my life to my country for THIS?

Wish I had gone to Canada.

No -- really.


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