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Subject: Sarah needs your help

Bart, time is running out.

Since the first frivolous ethics charges were filed against Sarah Palin two years ago,
legal bills for the Palin family have mounted into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Maybe, but Sarah's made $14M since quitting her job.
Why does some job-quitting, famous-for-being-stupid multi-millionaire need my help?

Last year, friends of the family set up the Alaska Fund Trust to help pay legal fees.
They used the words "official legal fund" so that supporters would know it was the fund trusted by the Palins.

You mean Sarah's lawyers have no idea what they're doing?
Maybe she should hire lawyers that didn't go to Fallwell University.

But now -- because Governor Palin used the word "official" --  an independent counsel decided that
Sarah "violated" the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act when she served as governor of the state.

Funny you'd mention that the whistle-blowers were non-partisan.
That tells me the charges weren't frivolously filed for political reasons.
It's not like you guy to be half-honest - wassup with that?

Funds donated to the Alaska Fund Trust were immediately frozen until the legal challenge was sorted out.

Sounds like a reasonable and prudent move.
(The Bush bastards would've had that money spent by now.)

Governor Palin has now agreed to send the money back to the donors.
This means that not a single dollar of the trust fund went to pay the Governor's massive legal fees.

You mean Miss Independent might have to pay her own legal fees?
I ask again - why does the undeserved multi-millionaire need our help?

Will you stand with Governor Palin and help her pay her legal fees? Click here to make a donation.

I think Sarah should show us some at that "rugged independence" she's always bragging about.

On June 24, 2010 a new legal defense fund -- The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund --
was created to pay these urgent legal bills.

It would've been cheaper to do it legally the first time.
Is this legal-skipping incompetence what we can expect from Team Sarah if she gains real power?

We set up the new fund to cover the Palin's legal bills for past, present, and future attacks.
The fund has been set up by friends and trusted advisors of Governor Palin.

...who are likely super-rich Republicans - why don't they pay her legal bills?

Let's help Governor Palin with this incredible burden that no citizen should have to bear
and  free her to speak out on behalf of conservatives all across this great country.

A. "Ttrue citizens" don't get paid $100K to read someone else's speech attacking The Kenyan.
B. For someone who, you claim, is not currently free to speak out for conservatives,
     Sarah is the most-quoted loud-mouth in America, next to the vulgar Pigboy.

Will you help us relieve Governor Palin of this burden?

Her burden of having $14M with "hundreds of thousands in legal fees?"
I'm Catholic - I got math skills - she don't need no help.

Please donate today to The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

Please kiss my ass, you swindler.

Bart, as a supporter of Governor Palin, help us with the legal fees
stemming from those frivolous charges against Governor Palin.

But you already said an "independent panel" found her actions outside the law.
Why doesn't she learn to live within the law like "true citizens?"

Yours truly,

Tim Crawford
The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund

Tell you what I'm gonna do.

Instead of writing you a big, fat check, I'm gonna say a prayer for Sarah.

You guys always say that works better than money, anyway.

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