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  Subject: Wrong re Awlaki

Bart, you wrote:

> If you and I were pinned down behind a rock in Afghanistan and Awlaki was shooting at us,
> would you want a trial for the bastard or would you shoot him yourself, given the chance?

But that's not what happened here.  If a US citizen is on a battlefield firing away at US troops,
then yes, blow them away without any due process.

But, if that same citizen is executed with no due process, then we have descended into
nothing more than a dictatorship and none of us are safe from the dictator.

You are 100% incorrect.
 Scott in Arizonastan

Scott, you and I aren't having a fight.
Your second paragraph is at war with your first paragraph.

Forget your parochial paradigm and answer this question:

How would YOU handle bomb-builder/suicide-bomber-trainer Awlaki?

As president, you're not allowed to say "I don't know, but violence is wrong!"

Note to Tally:
I defend Obama - vigorously - when he's right.

Four minutes later, a new e-mail

Subject: Full of Shit

Hey Bart, you wrote:  

> "Boo Hoo - the bomber of American airliners didn't get his Fifth Amendment rights?"
Awlaki did not blow up any airliners and you are completely full of shit.
Warm Regards,
  Scott in Arizonastan

Scott, my good friend, I can smell the alcohol on your breath thru my monitor.

I take it you're not interested in a debate or a discussion between adults?

Did Truman bomb Japan?
No way, he stayed in Washington that whole week.

People who believe everything their government tells them are only slightly crazier
than the people who don't believe
anything their government tells them.

Obama went after Awlaki like he was a pot-smoking poker player.

If he was that dangerous, he had to go.


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