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Subject: Hanoi Hilton

Bart, just curious.  If John McCain is lying about his stay at the Hanoi Hilton, 
how do you explain the accounts of the hundreds of other "guests" of Tran Trong Duyet, 
including LT Everett Alvarez, who spent almost 9 years there?

I wasn't there, but it's my best guess McCain was a POW for years.

I guess he was lying to gain political advantage too. 

It depends of what the hell you're talking about.
The story goes... McCain had 2 broken arms and a broken leg after his crash.
If they moved the prisoners daily, that would be "torture," don't you think?

I haven't read his book, I don't know how graphic he was, but since the only witnesses were 
bad guys, and since McCain was always aimed at politics and maybe even the White House, 
maybe he sexed up the story a little.   You know how those Republicans lie for power.

Or, since he's not running for president on the opposition party ticket, maybe he's telling the truth?

Sure, it's very possible he's telling the truth. I'm not Nancy Grace, I'm not Bob Parry 
or Big Eddie or Randi so I can't read his mind from afar (or even up-close) or tell you 
what he's thinking or what's in his memories.  I just don't have that much talent.

You once hurled dumbass insults in my direction once because I criticized McCain. 

ha ha
I'm betting you deserved every bit of that :)

Years ago, McCain was maybe the sanest of the Fascist bastards.
Now's he's become one of them and sold out every principle he ever stood for.
If you want to criticize him now - be my guest.

You called him a "war hero" and made me out to be an asshole because I dared criticize him. 
Now who's the asshole?
 Chief Scrmn Eagle

 ha ha
That's easy - you are.
If your intention was to stump me, you came up short.

It sounds like we're on the same side, so it appears your only bitch is that I once said 
he was a hero and now I question that hero status because we've seen a new McCain.

I liked the old one, better.
Sue me or blow me - your choice.

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