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 Subject: screwing Democrats in Washington State




Sam Reed,
Secretary of State
Washington State

What the fuck Sam? You send a post card to my address guessing that
"Residents" does not appear to be registered? What the fuck does that mean?

Did you send this nice little postcard to all residents of Washington State
or to only those that are registered Democrats? I've been voting so long at
this address I forgot when I started. Are you fucking kidding me?

Are you fucking with my registration Sam Reed? That's tantamount to declaring war
on me you prick! I'm sure you'll come out with some lameass excuse that the postcard
was sent to remind "Residents" on how important the vote is, and to ensure that I get
out to vote, right? Need some plausable deniability just to cover your lame ass?

Fuck you! You're a goddamn repukelicon. It's your job to ensure people don't
vote you prick! Your job is to sow confusion and mistrust, and you understand
completely what it means if everyone voted. It means that there wouldn't be one
goddamn repukelicon in existence. The only way for repukes to have any positions
in government is for you fuckers to cheat because you surely can't get elected honestly.

Your postcard appears to threaten my right to vote which is a threat to me and my family.
Your preemptive attack on my right to vote is telling. I won't forget it.

Are my words elegant enough for you...?
 Brad from Seattle

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