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Subject: 'scumbag recruiter' rebuttal

Hey Bart, Sparky here. This "SBennett" person is wrong. 
Some of what he says is true. I was a recruiter and I sure ain't no "scumbag". 

Along with being a recruiter i'm also a combat veteran. 
Recruiters follow strict guidelines and they don't have to lie. 

I'm going to play devil's advocate, because SB isn't here.

You say, "they don't have to lie," but it's legal for them to lie, and they ARE on a quota, 
and they ARE stop lossing thousands of homesick bastards proving they ARE under 
more pressure than at any time in my lifetime to get people to sign up.

Would you deny that the army has relaxed their standards to an embarrassing degree?
They're taking felons and druggies and borderline mental patients and then denying them
benefits when they come home wounded - so "they don't have to lie" is suspect..

I'm not trying to attack you - it sounds like you played by the rules.
But if they're desperate AND it's legal to lie, human nature says they're lying.

They're salesmen. If you stiff a customer is that customer going to tell his friends? 
No. I've never known a recruiter like SB describes and I've known quite a few. 

If you were a recruiter, say, under President Clinton, I'm sure things were very different.
Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home alive, so it follows that there 
was little or no lying back in the good old nineties.  There was no incentive to lie.

>"If they don't meet their quotas they get to go to their branch 
>  of the service's equivalent of the Russian front."-  

LIE, You get less than a superior rating on your evaluation report which makes it harder
at promotion time. Then you call your branch on DSN, find out where the openings are 
and usually go where you want (unless you're a shitbird)

But again, it would depend on when. Once things started going extra bad in Iraq, 
the situation surely changed. I think desperate men will take desperate measures.

>"Keep in mind if you do walk out you are responsible for your transportation back home". 

LIE, If you're the only shavetail that recruiter is handling that day he'll take your butt home 
and drop you off on mom and dad's doorstep. If you're one of multiples he's not going to 
miracle you home. He'll sit you in the waiting room until everyone is done and THEN take you
home. If you wanna leave on your own well...

This "SBennett" sounds like he watched "BlackHawk Down" a hundred times and decided he 
wanted to be a GreenBeret DELTA-force SEaL and realized that don't gaurantee 3 hots and a cot. 

ha ha
That sounds like army talk :)

Here's the truth, Bart.  Recruiters of all branches are dedicated hardworking people 
doing a shitty job getting paid even shittier trying to provide for their families. 
Any that stray outside the guidelines are dealt with according to the UCMJ.

Bart, I had many soldiers i put in come home on leave and were happy with how I dealt with them. 
Giddy about the discipline and responsibility new in their lives.

I made heartbreakers and lifetakers out of em (Gunny Highway)

I think it's possible we're all talking about the same thing.

I think the recruiters always have some pressure to bring in new troops but once the war 
turned bad and the troops couldn't come home as scheduled, that proves a great deficit 
existed so pressure HAD to increase, and with tired men dying, those pressures must've 
increased to levels we can't even guess about.. 

If you were a recruiter in 2005, 06, 07 or 08,
my guess is your perspective would be similar to SBennett's.

Thanks for the note.

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