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Subject: Scumbag Army Recruiters

This should be taught in school to all kids who contemplate joining the military.
If that's what you want to do - then fine.

First, everything your recruiter has told is to be considered a lie. 

You are never going to see him or her again and they are not your friend. 
They are not from your hometown and they have a quota. 
Their superiors ride their ass hard to meet that quota. 
If they don't meet their quotas they get to go to their branch 
of the service's equivalent of the Russian front.

Second and most importantly, understand that you are under NO obligation whatsoever, 
regardless of any document you sign, until you take the oath which is administered at the 
location of your induction, usually an AFEES (Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station ). 

This does not include taking an oath at the recruiting station. 

Many recruiters will administer the oath in their office as many inductees are aware of
the oath requirement but oaths administered by recruiters are not binding as recruiters 
do not perform induction duties. Its strictly a tactic to keep you from wandering off 
once you get off the bus. 

You can walk out of the AFEES any time up until you take the oath. 

If they try and detain you they have violated federal law under the Selective Service Act.  
After taking the oath they own your ass.
Keep in mind if you do walk out you are responsible for your transportation back home.  

SB, I think you did a good thing there.

It's possible you helped somebody to day and it's remotely possible
than some kid owes you his life because he stumbled onto what you wrote. 

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