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Subject: Congrats, Bart

You and Dick Cheney are now on the same page. 

Of course, that goes without saying - and what an original thought that is.

Actually, I'm backing my Democratic president.
I wish more Democrats would.
Are you that eager for President Cruz?

The link is below, but feel free to ignore it, post my comment anyway,
and then claim you have no idea what I'm talking about, as you did on Tuesday's page. 
It's your site, so do what you have to do to win the debate, I guess.

On Tuesday's page you wrote:

Obama and his monkey, Eric Holder, want to persecute whistle-blowers,
but they're too chickenshit to do it out in the open, where people can see the injustice. 
What a profile in courage.

Besides the racial slur, I have no idea what that means.

If you're going to bother to write, especially with a snarky accusation

why not make your point clear instead of vaguely hinting at it?

Are you saying they should have Snowdon brought back from Hong Kong by now?
Are you aware of "secret prosecutions" that we don't know about?

Good God man, where'd you learn to communicate?
Is English your first language?

If I can't understand you, odds are others can't either.
Next time, show your incoherent angry e-mail to a friend and ask him if it makes any sense.

Plus, I don't have time to watch videos if I have no idea where they're going.
I get twenty e-mails a day that say, "Bart, you GOTTA watch this!"

There's just no time to chase after twenty wild geese every day.

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