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Big Dog's secret meeting with Obama HOT
 A  bartcop.com  exclusive

Last Tuesday I went into our employee cafeteria  for lunch.  I wanted some of their rotisserie chicken with fries.
But - they didn’t have any fries – none at all.  I’ve worked there 14 years and they’ve never been out of fries!
I asked why there weren’t any fries.  I was told that Clinton and Obama decided to ‘drop in’ our workplace
for lunch and all of the chefs along with half of the kitchen staff were diverted for some emergency catering.

Clinton and Obama dropped in to discuss the regional economies with our executives.  I maneuvered myself
to where I could get a glimpse of them together.  What I saw made me start to think that the country is in good hands.

From what I saw and heard, Obama’s closest advisor is none other than the Big Dog himself. 
I watched Obama sit and listen as Clinton gave him a crash course in regional economics and politics. 
Other experts chimed in when necessary to clarify a point or add some flavor to a point that the Big Dog 
was making but Clinton was the teacher.  And Obama was paying attention. 

You got a sense that Obama was learning from a wise and experienced “uncle” rather than the political rival 
the MSM would have you believe.  It was very clear that everyone valued what Clinton had to say on the 
economics of the regions and the world.  Especially President Obama.

It made me feel pretty good to see that Obama wanted to learn from the best.

After it was over they all shook hands.  I couldn’t get near Obama
but I shook hands with the Big Dog.  I never did get any french fries.

I like this story a lot.
It figures that Clinton would put aside whatever rivalry they had for the good of the country
and I love that Obama is willing to sit there quietly and soak up information like a sponge.
A president has to know how to listen and learn - instead of thinking he knows everything
like that last braindead lunk we had for a president.

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