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See the World's Biggest Rock Band FREE this Sunday

Offer limited to the first TEN people who reply

Volunteers will be required from approximately 3pm until the concert begins.

10 Slots still open.

Volunteers will canvass audience for signatures for the "Maternal Mortality"
petition as part of Amnestry's "Demand Dignity" campaign.

Amnesty International is a grassroots, member-based global movement of
3 million people in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign
to end grave abuses of human rights. Amnesty International's Demand Dignity
campaign aims to end the human rights violations that drive and deepen global
poverty. The campaign mobilizes people all over the world to demand that
governments, big corporations and others with power listen to the voices of
those living in poverty and recognize and protect their rights.

Around the world, thousands of people die every day from hunger and
preventable disease. Around the world, one woman dies every 90 seconds
from complications of pregnancy or childbirth; that’s 1,000 women every day,
more than 350,000 each year.

TEAM UP with U2 and help those who need help

Volunteers will attend the U2 concert at Busch Stadium in St Louis for FREE
Contact Ernest Coverson = cell: 312-435-6386

Note from Bart:

*I* cannot guarantee anything.
Don't drive to St Louis on a whim and then get angry with me if things don't work.

This opportunity was brought to me by my 30-year friend Wiseguy
who has worked for/with Amnesty International for dozens of years.

Call that number or e-mail Ernest.
He doesn't know me, so saying "I'm a friend of Bart's" won't help.  what other site gives you U2 for free?

If it works out, buy me a shot of 100% anejo tequila after the show.

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