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Subject: Ann in Philly is way way off

The trustee of Obama's land trust is Northern Trust Company.

I'm just asking - how do you know and do you have a link for that?

Land trusts are used routinely in Illinois for the purposes of estate planning and confidentiality.

Confidentiality for who bought your home for you?
How do politicians get away with that?
Is this strictly an Illinois thing?

In Florida, legal judgments can't take your home, so people like OJ move there and file bankruptcy.
What is the purpose of this Illinois quirk?
I'm just asking.

Oprah, Bill Murray, John Cusak, and Michael Jordan are just a few of the notable persons
who own real estate in Chicago using an Illinois land trust.  There is nothing sinister about it.

But what is the point of doing that?
How transparent are the trust records?

Right-wing shill Hugh Hewitt tried to make something out of this and it led him precisely nowhere.

That's good news - if this is nothing.

As I keep saying, IF there's bad news, let's find out now.
If there's no bad news, that's great news.

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