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Subject: your selective criticisms


You've let other Democrats have it for doing or saying things you believe were embarrassing 
to Democrats and the Democratic party:

    * "It would be great of Kerry had the brains to not get in the goddamn condom suit
        - wouldn't that be nice?  Wouldn't it be great if he had half a brain?"
    * "I refuse to be criticized for Kerry's too-stupid-to-be-believed stupidity. 
        Kerry showed how ignorant a candidate can be when he put on that giant condom. "
    * "Kerry...put his arms and legs in [that space suit] and hitched it up. 
        Doesn't he realize he's in a political campaign where image is everything?"
    * "How could (Sheryl Crow) be so stupid? She makes the environmentalists out to be kooks. 
        Why can't Democrats think before they speak?"

That was some intellijent commentary, no?

While defending her decision to remain in the race, no one was thinking "assassination" 
until Ms. Clinton chose to use the word--during a political campaign where image is everything. 
I'm surprised you're not as pissed off about that.

I've been reading you for years, Bartcop, and so I know better than to peg you as a hypocrite, 
but the pass you seem to be giving Ms. Clinton over her choice to use the A-word appears 
quite inconsistent with your opinion of the choices John Kerry and Sheryl Crow made.

I'm sure there's a reason (and no, I'm not being sarcastic), and I'd be interested to hear it.
 tuvor on Vancouver Island, BC

You've certainly picked three unique events to compare.

Kerry's stupidity was off the charts - much, much worse than Dukakis in the tank.
Had I been there, I wouild have physically tackled him and refused to let go
until that condom suit was shredded and burned. How could anyone be that stupid?
Since he lost by half a state, it's arguable that the condom suit lost the election for us.

Sheryl Crow is a singer/musician with a political bent. I like that she has opinions,
but men are such incredible pigs, especially Republican cavemen, when word got out 
that Crow was discussing how many tissue squares she uses on her famous hoo-hoo, 
every pigboy with a microphone orgasmed.  It meant they could talk about women's 
personal hygiene and blame "a librul" for it.  It's why they became talk show hosts.

Hillary was being asked 100 times a day, "Bitch, why the fuck you still here?"
So she gave them an answer - that campaigns often go into June.  Should Hillary 
have said, "Bobby's campaign ended in June," and wait for the idots to catch up?
Wouldn't it have been even more clumsy to mention the end of Bobby's campaign
and NOT mention that is was a sad day for every decent American?

The "outrage" from her innocent remark was fabricated by the Obama camp and their 
friends in the whore media. They are/were looking for any syllable coming out of her mouth 
that could be magnified, distorted and then thrown into the whore media echo chamber.

Need proof?

Michelle said, "My husband could get shot at the gas station," and that was ignored.

Remember, Hillary also used the "W" word, saying her campaign was attracting
the white people that were rejecting Obama - she was slammed for that, too.

It's very, very easy to attack any words that come out of the enemy's mouth.
I could take any speech from any Pope and tear to to f-ing shreads.

In the Clintons' case, the only way to avoid a constant conveyer belt of outrage
would be for them to not speak, which is the (successful?) goal of the whore media.

The Clintons have been made out to be the worst people in America because
(1) they are Democrats and (2) they are winners.

If Obama is good/lucky enough to win a second term, the Fascist bastards in the House
will impeach him for feloniously looking at some good-looking white woman's legs and 
every word from Barack or Michelle will be considered blasphemy for all eternity.

When that happens, I want you to think, "Didn't Bart predict this back in 2008?"

Wrap Up:
John Kerry is the stupidest politician of our times - bar none. 
   He makes Bill Richardson look like Bill Clinton in his prime.
Unless you're one of the funniest women in the world,
    it's always wrong to discuss how you wipe - into a working camera.
Just like impeachment, the whore media can ALWAYS be expected to vilify the Clintons,
    they'll just use whatever reason shows up and then pretend, "This is the big one." 

I would expect that Obama thinks the media likes him.
Truth is, they do - but only because he's pushing Hillary off the stage.

The day she drops out (Wednesday?) they'll turn on Obama and 
people who don't read  will wonder what happened.

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