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"Obama made an intelligent choice for VP.    How different this is 
  from that bucket of fluff the Republicans have chosen..."
       -- Barbara Theaker, introducing Biden,   Link

 If McCain wins, we won't even know who the real president is.

 They've been doing this for decades - they nominated Reagan who couldn't think
 but he could read a script and he memorize a few short phrases for those pesky reporters.

 Then they nominated Bush the Dumber, who can't think, but he can read a script 
 and memorize a few short phrases for those pesky reporters.

 Then they nominated McCain who had to hire the Bush bastards (who are they?)
 and they chose Palin who can't think, but she can read a script and memorize a 
 few short phrases for the those pesky reporters.

 They nominate empty suits that the REAL powers use as puppets.
 If McCain wins, who'll be pulling his strings?

 And what's McCain's life expectancy since his handlers know Sarah will always 
 do their bidding where McCain might, just might, think for himself once he has power.

 Remember, the son of Kneel Bush's dinner companions shot Reagan in 1981
 which effectively made Bush the Smarter president for 11.8  years.

 All Reagan ever did was fire the Air Traffic Controllers, then he retired. 

 We know who ran things from March of 1981 thru January 1993.
 Poppy is too old to run things now, so who might be our next Shadow President?

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